Friday, 27 July 2012

BoBo's lunch with Mr.President Barack Obama !!

OHHH !! What the hell was that sound ??
This was how I got up last morning..A huge splashing sound !! Time was around 8:30am..Went to my window and checked very eagerly to know what that sound was..It was BoBo,swimming in his pool.And about the sound,BoBo has got a slide from his room straight to the pool.The sound was much similar to a Jack-fruit falling on water !! 
BOBO was on an air-tube,and from upstairs it looked like a frog on a lotus leaf !! hahahaaa..
I went downstairs to enquire BoBo why he got up so soon..
Me      :BoBo,Why so early ?? You said you are free today..

BoBO :Yeah I was free,but a friend of mine wants to have a lunch with me today..You too join me..

Me     :Who's that friend ??

BoBo  :You may know him..he use to come in news channels.Mr.Baback Bobama !

Me     :Who ?? Baback Bobama ? Sounds like a circus Buffoon !! hehee

BoBO :He's president of some place,I guess Pakistan or Taliban...No NO NO !! That guy was my friend "Osu" Osama bin lad or was it !! I forgot..His game got over last year.
Bobama and Osu was playing "Police and Thief" for past many years..Finally Bobama won the match !! And the last status I saw in Osu's fb page was "Game Over".Many commented to that status naming Condoleeza and many liked that !! Still now I got no idea what was Condoleeza's role in this !! Do you know ??

Me     : You dumb-ass !! You meant Mr.Barack Obama,President of USA ?? And you Water Balloon !! its not Osama_coollad @ hotmail or gmail..Its Osama Bin Laden..And you Head office of fools !! people commented on his status saying "Condolences" it means expression of sympathy,not Condoleeza Rice !! By the By..You are invited for a lunch with Obama ??

BoBo  :That's same what I said Bobama !! Yes,he invited me !! You also join me for the lunch..

Me     :Sure !!!!!

Me soon jumped to the pool (not like Jack-fruit on water) and got ready for the Big Lunch of my life..Me got dressed formally and BoBo wore a Tuxedo !!

BoBo and me got into the chopper sent by the President Mr.Barack Obama..
It was a very Grand Welcome to his mansion !! All eyes were on BoBo !! 

BoBo   :Is it bad that we came empty handed to see Bobama ??

Me       :What's shame in it ?? You are the guest !!

BoBo   :We should have bought some Wafers and Candies or else I will give him 10$ as a pocket money when returning...Ok ??

Me     :BOBooooooo no need !!! He isn't a kid !!

As soon as BoBo saw the President,both ran and hugged each other...
The President came loudly saying BOBOOO...
In turn BoBo screamed BOBAMAAAAA...
I stambed on BoBo's feet and told it's Obama,"O" OBAMA..He still called him "BOBAMA"

Mr.President took us to his guest room.There we met his pet dog "Dolly"...
I saw BoBo getting up from the chair and going near the dog and grabbed it's leg and I saw him bending searching something...When I stretched to see what he was doing,he was pressing its paw..
Me     :BOBooo !!!

BoBo  :Hey !! I have seen this thing before..It will bark and red lights will also blink in its eyes !! But seems like its button isn't working ..

Me    :BoBO Noooooo...

He thought it was a toy dog which will bark and light up when the switch in its paw is pressed..I saw him stamping hard on its paw.That dog got up and gave a bark to him..Before my eye lids closed and opened BoBo reached near me..

Me you got scared right ??

BOBo  :It barked but the lights didn't come..

Me      :Thank God Obama went to attend a call..  BoBO,there is a pic on the wall and it's you and President in it.When did that happen ?? Did he morph it ?? hehee

BoBo  :heheee,It happened long were a kid at that time..peeing on the floor and all ..cheeeeyyy..

Mrs.Obama came to us and said that the President is on an important call and would be back in 10 minutes.Till then we were watching T.V.
BoBo   :Ohh!! there are camera's all over rite ?? hmmm...safetyy !!

Me      :Yeah,there must be camera's all over..How did you know that ??

BoBo  :Now on T.V they said that "You are watching BBC NEWS" or else How did they know that we were watching BBC news ??

Me     :BoBOOOO !!

Mrs.Obama spent some time with us,spoke about BoBo the most..
She said her whole family is a huge fan of BoBo and they will reach by the lunch time..
She said ,she would go laughing out loud when BoBo does comic characters,especially when he run shaking his little Bum..

BoBo said me there's a dialogue in his new film when the heroine pinches his bum.

Me      :What's the dialogue ??

BoBo   :Kiffass !! (Kiss my ass)

Me      :BoBOOOOO's a bad word and you shouldn't say that here..

Mrs.Obama :What's BoBo saying ??

BoBo   :I have got many great comments on my cute bum...heheee Kiffas Mrs.Obama !!

Mrs.Obama :Pardon ?


Suddenly I said Madam its a name given to his cute bum by his fans...
Just escaped and I asked BoBo not to repeat that word ever again..
By the time,Mr.President arrived..

Obama :I'm very sorry BoBO,had to make some calls..We had a prank call telling that our 10 soldiers were seen dead in a highway..

BoBo   :I really love your Army..A HUGE SALUTE TO THE US ARMY ! When ever I go for night rides in highways I always remember our US army.

Obama :What makes you think about the army in a highway ??

BoBo   :I have seen this in dark highways where these huge trailers pass by...When the lights of this huge trailers hit on the crossing frogs..The Frogs will blow their muscles up and will be ready to take on the trailer...Then I would hear a "TTTUUPPP" sound !! Same like US army !! Great Respect !! They Never give up who ever the opponent is !! heheheeheeeeee...

Mr.President sat looking at him open mouthed..

BoBo,insulted them like hell !! Suddenly I laughed & clapped saying "Wow ! What a joke!!"

Soon everyone laughed including the President...SIGHHHH !!

Soon we started having the lunch..

BoBo  :BOBAMAA !! This Peas Curry is Superb !! No wonder you got an award for it !!

Obama :Award for Peas ??

BoBo  :Yes,some award for Peas.

Obama :BoBo,you are a real Super Hero !! I may die laughing today !! heheheeheeeeee
You meant Noble Price for Peace ...LOL...

I just thanked God,that I didn't had to convert that into a joke this time...Sighh !

Soon After the lunch,the President's secretary reminded about his meeting with the Chinese President and Officials..Mr.President was enjoying each second with BoBo..He asked BoBo to stay with him to meet the Chinese President and Officials..

BoBo said he had a success party of "The Dark Knight Rises"...and soon we got into the chopper to return back.

Me   :BoBo,it's was good that you didn't wait for the Chinese President..because they wouldn't laugh at your crap jokes,they are very serious !! They will blow your butt !! 

BoBo  :BoBo got no jokes for the Chinese !! KIFFAASS China !!! KIFFASS !!

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