Monday, 2 July 2012

Little Schmucks !!

Starring :-

Tooth Brush (Tom Boose)
Gillette Mach 3 (Gilly)
Tooth Paste (Susydane)
Lip Gaurd (Lippe)
Nail Cutter (Cute Naila)
Tongue Cleaner (Ton Gue Chan)

Every Morning I wake up seeing all these down on the table...I have no idea when this falls down because most of the days I go to the bed by 3am.So they fall after that !! Windows are closed always ..Fan isn't strong enough to kick these little schmucks down..Then how ??When the lights are off,the darkness arrives,that's the time something happens with them..
One night I pretended to have fallen asleep and zoomed my ears to it..............Ohh !! They talking!!     
I think they are having some kinda ego probs .. LOL..
They are discussing who among them is the real !

Brush    :My name itself sounds hero...Tom BOOSE !! hahaa..I'm tall and handsome too..

Gillette  :I'm Gilly...I'm from US buddies !! from Boston..I'm an American !! What more do I need to be a    hero ?? 

Paste    :Oh ! George.W.Bush,the international  Oil robber was also from US,in fact a leader of Buggers !! heheheeee ...LOL..I'm susydane,a sexy heroine !!

Tongue Cleaner :Me Mr.Ton Gue Chan is the real hero,I'm from the land of Jackie Chan !! I'm super flexible.

Lip Guard :A hero from the land of Nooodles ?? NOO !! You guys are basically short,then how come you are so tall ?? Genetical problems ?? And moreover you are a cleaner...buhaa haa haaa ..LOL ..You are a differently-abled guy !! LOL ..I'm a guard !! Strong !!

Nail Cutter :Ahhh !! I'm Cute Naila..I'm a multi-skilled lady !! I can be a cute heroine than Susydane...

Paste  :Well,Hollywood doesn't need much of your cuteness Baby !!..Both cuteness and your so called multi-tasking ability will definitely work out in 30 min films ,a cute Porn Star !! hahahaaaa LOL !!

Nail cutter :You are just a Paste who will end very soon and get replaced by another bitch..I'm long lived.You and your boy friend Mr.Tom Boose does the most disgusting job together...YUCK !! I have got a cutter,a knife and a file too..

Brush : Yeaahh,u have got a price tag too sticked on you !!! LOL hahaahaaaa..Among heroes I'm the real hero because I got a good grip,a long life and a tongue cleaner at the back of my head will ignore Mr.Ton Gue Chan very often..

Tongue Cleaner :If I'm not used very often,I will have a better living and heroes are often neglected at the beginning but comes back strongly at the climax !!

Gillette :I'm the best looking guy here and a very long lived guy !! An American ,dudes..
Mascular too,what's less in me ?? huh ?? I'm the hero !!

Lip Guard :I'm a guard and I'm strong as a guard..And I'm always taken when my boss go outside,I'm more closer to him..So,I'm the hero !! And Mr.Gilly,we never consider a guy who changes his head very often as a hero !! LOL ...heheheheeee If you are built in then you are Single Use !! LOL ...OOOO hahahahaaaa..

Gillette :Then let's see which Son of a multiple father will remain with his balls Unsmashed !!
Asthala vistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa O babyyyyy ....

Ton Gue Chan,Tom Boose and Lippe : eERRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                FIGHT !!!!!!

Nail Cutter : What you looking for, you Hollywood Bitch..??? Today you are not gonna get youR paste back in !!! eERRRRR !!!

Paste :You will no more act in a Porn film ,you slut !! There is no handicapped Sex for you to Act !!! ERRRRRR !!!!

                                               CAT FIGHT !!!!

Final Scene :

Morning I took them back to the glass and took a family snap of them...Look how they stood for the pose,looking here and there...LOL last night grudge isn't over yet or is it because everyone got there balls smashed ?? LOL 

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