Sunday, 22 July 2012

BOBO's Photoshoot

Past two-three days, me and BoBo have been mourning the missing of an important person we had in our life.Its been so difficult for me to spend each day..BoBo is getting on busy with the promotions of his latest movie "The Dark Knight Rises".BoBo wakes me up each day and also makes sure to be with me before I go to bed at night.BoBo knows that I always wanted to start and end my day with the missing person.All together the scene is "TRAGEDY".
BOBO   :Hey !! Why are you always sitting in this sofa all day and night ?? I don't see you having food or anything..I even doubt roots must have sprouted down through the sofa from your Bum !! Hahaaa..

Me       :BoBo,Then pour water over my head daily and keep me at the balcony as a tree.

BoBo    :Why ?? I don't want to pluck hibiscus flower(shoe flower) from your ears every morning and evening..heheheee

Me      :Come on BoBo,I feel like ending my life..Those who loved me labelled my character as "An Over Sensitive Person" with a bucket full of "Cheap Sentiments"..You too must have the same opinion.

BoBo   :What ?? A bucket of ??

Me     :Cheap Sentiments !!

BoBo  :Oh ! I thought a bucket of KFC !!

BoBO  :Fine,I will bring that person back !! 

Suddenly my eyes lighted up when he said that he will bring that person back..
BoBo   :But it will take some days,by the time we will go for a small adventurous tour and I promise you that I will bring that person back.

Me      :I trust you BOBO,Since you are the child of God,anything is possible for you..

BoBO : Last week you called me "Son of a Devil" and I look like Alien !! Now suddenly I'm God's child ,Angel from heaven etc !! typical human being !! Next Morning we are off this place !!

With everything planned me and BoBo went to the bed and BoBO reminded me that we must getup by morning 5..At 2'o clock I heard BoBo's alarm,then again at 4 ,4:30,4:45 and finally at 5:00am..
Me   :BoBo,why the hell did you keep alarm at regular intervals ?? I lost my whole sleep !!

BoBo:Hey! Suddenly If I wake up and come to know it's 5 ,then I would be sad to know that I can't sleep anymore..But when I get up hearing the first alarm the time would be 2,So i will be delighted to know that I can sleep for another 3 hrs more..then again I will wake up at 4 to know that I have got another 1 hr more to that 30 min to sleep,15 min to before 5 I would wake up and wait for the 5'o clock alarm to ring..No further "Cheap Sentiments" for the sleep ..heheeheee..
How can a Sleep overcome Super Ero BoBo ??

BoBo suddenly went to his garage and took his perambulator !!!
We both got in..
BoBo was speeding at 200-300 kmph !! When I searched for my camera,I realized that I forgot it at home.
Me      :BoBO,I forgot my cam at home,now how are we gonna take the pics of our adventures ??

BoBO :Don't worry about that,Whenever I say "POSE"..You must pose for the pic along with me..

At many intervals BoBo and me posed looking outside the perambulator which were clocking at 300kmph..I had no idea about how the pics were taken but I saw many flashes..We posed showing Victory signs ,Mockery & Wacky faces,Donkey signs etc..

Me    :BOBo,when will we get these pics ?? I have got no idea about these kinda photography !!

BoBo :We will get all the pics delivered right at our doorstep by tomorrow morning..Did you pose well ??

Me      :Yes BoBo,but I doubt whether I closed my eyes during a flash !!

BoBO :Oh ! OOOO Come man !! 

Soon we compensated for that too..Another flash !! this time the pose was like the statue of liberty with BoBo holding a chicken Leg piece !! heheee
Finally we reached home very late at night..went straight to bed and asked BoBo to switch off all his alarms..
Morning I got up,went straight to the fridge and grabbed a glass of chilled Orange juice..
Came at the door to pick the news paper..Saw an envelope between the papers..
Me   :BoBo,there's some government package for you !!


Me    :BoBo,the whole Villa must have lost their sleep by your Chicken howl !!

BoBo :When I wake up I cannot see anyone sleeping ..EEEE I hate that sight !! My last film was "Chicken Little" Didn't get over it's hangover !!

Me    :BoBo,heyyy It's our pics that we posed yesterdayyyyy !! YaaaaYYY !!!

BoBo :Heyy check whether you closed your eyes in one pic !! As usual I rock in all the pics !!

Me   :BoBo,there are some receipts in this..written 200$,400$..similarly many receipts !!

BoBo:Ahh..It's the government charity !! I always pay them ..

Me  :What this charity and photo got to do with together ???
 BoBOOOOOOO...It's not receipt you bloody PORK !!! It's FINE !!! And you little PORK,it wasn't camera's to take your picnic snap,those were traffic radars kept for speeding !!!! BOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!

BoBo :Ohh !! What difference ?? Anyway we pay If we hire a camera man to take our stills...Here too nothing much difference..Government took our pics for a bit expensive rate ..That's all !!

Me  :They will search and kick your ass BoBo..and they will make you pay the fine !! I won't come and bail you out..

BoBo :Heheheeee..they gonna find me ?? Never !! They will never find me,not even if they search me in GOOGLE !! Hahahaaaaaaa
Bobo,during his promotion for the new movie "The Dark Knight Rises"..heheheee

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