Saturday, 7 July 2012

A dine out with BoBo !!

Me got up late last morning...With my half eyes open I came out from the room falling on the couch..On the opposite couch,there's Mr.BoBo...he is lying on the couch like a bed bug who got kicked after drinking a lot of blood..he can hardly breathe ..a small end of french fries is visible outside his mouth..From mouth to his stomach,it's full..looks like there is a  Traffic jam !!

I'm sure that this little pig have eaten all my foods stored in fridge,by the by my fridge door is still Open !!! My Eating kit which had all my favourite snacks is empty and the kit is teared in a Rat style !!

BoBo         : Hey Chimpanzee !! Go get me some duuce (juice)..Your figge (fridge) had no duce !!

Me             : Me Chimpanzee???? You are the who acted as KING KONG !! Not me !! You are   
                     Chimpanzee,an Ugly Chimpanzee !!!

Bobo          :Heheheeeee,I'm kid Icon of the year !! Real Super Ero of the world !! That too 916 
                    Pure !!

Me             :ohhh!!! ok !!! Now what Juice do you want ??

BoBo         :Get me Pesi ,Cola Cola,bebbull,Topiana,Minana,Senup..(Pepsi,Coca     
                    Cola,Redbull,Tropicana,Miranda and Seven Up)

Me             :Do you have space for all these ???

Bobo          : Offcourse,I upgraded my tummy from 1 GB to 5 GB !!! Still plenty of space !!

Me            :When he said this I thought about our last week conversation of him telling that
                   He operates in Windows 8 processor,10GB Ram,10 GB graphics and more over
                   he has got a 5G network on his Bum !! And he is the one supplying network
                   all over the world !!     Sigh !!!!!!

Suddenly I saw Bobo feeling uncomfortable,his eyes are little wet,trembling lips and he is rubbing his stomach slowly..My God touchwood !! It seems like he is having a stomach ache..

Me          : Me hugged him and asked Bobo,what happened ??           

He started crying badly rubbing his stomach and folded his legs in...and said

Bobo        :I'm hungry and my stomach cannot tolerate my hunger..
 Me                :Arrrrrrrrrgggggggg !!!!

Me         :Then we will go consult a doctor...(in my mind for a second I thought should i consult him with a normal doctor or a Veterinary Doctor !! Hahahaaaaaaaa) sssSSHH !!

BoBo      :I already rang my Doc and he suggested me some best remedyfor this..

Me         :Tell fast ,we will go and get it ASAP !!

Bobo       :One bucket KFE,3 legs,3 breasts and 7 wings (KFC) & Chicken Supreme Large form Fizza Hut (Pizza Hut) Both  
                 these I must consume for 3 days ..Before and After food all 3 times..Breakfast,lunch 
                 and dinner ! 

I think his doctor was this GUY !!!!

Finally I took this little creature who is from an unknown planet to KFC and bought him a bucket with suggested proportion of pieces..
He started eating as if  he saw food after a month !!! I saw him even gulping a Leg piece ..his eyes  bulged outside when the leg went in...He got onto the table to take another piece from the bucket.As the pieces reduced he had to stretch to get hold to a piece...As he stretched ,he fell into the bucket and started eating inside it..Many guys and kids came to capture a snap of him..He said "Yes,I'm the super hero" and gave so many poses..Hope they don't come in Discovery Channel...Ahh !!
Now,a last piece was remaining in the bucket,he took that and tried biting...he didn't even have the strength to bite it..because he was FuLL !! 

He called up the waiter ..
BoBo   :Waiter !! What piece is this ?? I cannot bite it !! It's damn hard !!
Waiter : Sir,I will call up the manager..

Bobo    :Why manager ?? To try eating this piece ?? Even he can't eat this,I"m sure..

Finally,some how I took this barbarian back to home..Made him sit on that couch...

He sat on the couch with his one leg on the arm rest and other leg pulled up in...
Suddenly I heard some one moving the table ...And a warm wind blowed over my face...
Table was still in the same place and Windows were closed...
Then I heard a loud sigh ! AAAaaaahhh !! That was Bobo..
Then what was that Creepy sound and the Wind ???? Noooooo NOOOOOO !! DON"T TELL ME THAT IT WAS BOBO'S FARRRRTTT !!!!!!


 I slept off !! No I fell unconscious .. 

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