Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A letter to Dad...via hand post.

Dear dad ...
                   I have been sitting idle in front of this letter for more than a hour after writing dear dad.It's almost dark here,you were the light of our house and now too you are the one who gives a small ray of light from the candle burning in front of your photo..I can still hear your sound from downstairs.This home is filled with your presence,your voice and your fragrance.Dad,I'm waiting for your call from downstairs...please call me for some reason..please dad.Many times I have come down the stairs annoyed by your call..Now If I come down the stairs with love,without you calling me,will I be able to see you Dad ?? Please dad give me a chance...please give me a chance to love you..Daddy I want to hug you..I have hardly hugged you in my whole life..How much times you would have expected me to show love to you much times you would have felt happy if I would had hugged you..But when I hugged you and cried you were sleeping, were sleeping...why didn't you wake up dad ?? Daddy,my lips are trembling and I see everything blurred daddy..Come and hug me daddy..Please daddy..
I remember how happy you were always when showing my childhood pics..the pic when I walked my own for the first time holding your finger..I understand how happy you must have been during those days..Please Daddy,take me for a walk again holding my fingers..pleeeeasse ...I saw your eyes getting wet the day I fell from the cycle and injured my came running and hugged me..Even though It was me who fell down,but pain was yours..You were so sensitive dad..
I saw the day you looking at the television with your eyes wet and you were trying soo hard for the tears not to come out,the day I argued and shouted at you..You never showed your pain to me..How did I go blind by not seeing your pain,Dad ?? How would you have felt each time I argued or when I banged my door at you or when I come down stairs showing an irritated face at you ?? There were many nights where I was awake when you came to my room,touching my forehead and praying for me..I knew your love,but still how did I go blind dad ?? Dad please bring those days back daddy..Please tell to God that I'm regretting for everything and I just wanted to love you..please dad,I'm sure God will listen to you..
I want to sleep on your chest just like when I was a kid..I was so naughty by pulling out hair from your chest..But still you allowed me to sleep on your chest..But when you shouted me for a reason,I never gave you a chance..For my mistakes,I took you through a lot of pain..I'm sorry ,Dad.When I was crying hugging you on your chest,there was no more beats dad...Please give me a chance dad..
..Please dad,I want to see you coming from work with kits on both your hands with my favourite cookies,snacks and pastries..Dad,now I need your advice and guidance..I want to have food from your hand dad..It's so tasty when having food from your hand..Dad,you lived for us,but I couldn't live for you..Please dad,give me chance now ...
Whenever we played games together,you were always happy to lose for my happiness...whereas when I argued I wasn't ready to lose to you..but now I'm a huge loser ,dad,without you..I'm really sorry dad for hurting you..Please come and give me a tight hug dad...pleeaasee..
I know it must be you who is in soo much pain than me,in leaving us and going..Mom seems to be lucky now as she will come and meet you anytime..I'm gonna be alone,Dad..I'm sending this letter by hand with mom..
She will tell the rest..I will wait DAD..I will again come to you both ...I will again get a re-birth to you both...I will wait till that Daddy..take care of mom..she had a very hard time without you..
Keep her happy as you always did..Please dad give me a chance to be your daughter again and I will never hurt you like before..Promise dad..I miss you..

With love..
ur daughter..

Guys,I don't know what made me write this..for some questions,there are no answers..It isn't a tearjerker story..Think once,at least for some seconds how our parents brought us up and how much pain it causes to them when we argue or shout at them..How many of us would hug their parents often,go hug them !!! We may think that It might embarrass them or whatever feelings you guys say..See the happiness in their eyes at that time..If we go and cry at them,you can see that worry in them because they would be o anxious to solve that problem for you and bring back the smile in you.If you guys have parents alive,then show your love everyday,give at least  half of the love they give us.We may think that they don't love us anymore..All these are crap bullshit excuses !! Realize now not to regret it later..Love when they need that..If you can make them smile..there is nothing more beautiful sight than that in this world..Good days ahead ,guys !!

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