Friday, 6 July 2012

".library-ms" (Solved) Windows 7 !!

Hey Guys, This problem lived with me for the past 1 year I guess..Since I found an alternate way to access Documents,Musics,Pictures and Videos,I ignored to fix this issue all this time.
As an alternate way,you can access them by :-
My Computer >Local Disk (C:) >Users > User-----Here you can see all your Documents,Musics,Pictures and Videos.
Windows 7 got us a direct library option to avoid so many clicks,Since me too was tired of all these clicks I decided to get this "LIBRARY" fixed.This is how I got them working.
1)Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program.
Just after clicking it wait for 10-20 seconds.And see your problems got SOLVED !!

Step 2 : is for people getting this type of error.

To fix this problem, open Windows Explorer, right-click on the corresponding library and chooseDelete. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.
Note: Deleting a library does not delete the contents of the included folders. However, you may need to re-add or include your folders manually, if needed.
Then, in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer, right-click Libraries and click Restore default libraries.

This recreates the library that was deleted earlier. This option only restores the default libraries.
Help your friends too with this..and blow your hair over your forehead to SHOWOFF or to misunderstand them that we all are genius !! heheheeee.. 

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