Friday, 6 July 2012

Meet the little Super Hero BoBo !!

This is BoBo..I wanted to introduce him,but he isn't allowing me to..He's saying that I'm useless and won't give a proper Intro for him..So I gave a small kick on his napkin wrapped ass and asked him to self Introduce.But this guy doesn't know english well,but claim that he's a Hollywood Actor ..LOL..I will come up with brackets or else you guys won't understand anything..

Hi..I BoBo.You can call me BoooBo (not buuuubu) !!

I world first Real 916 Super Ero (hero)..

I Ero (hero)in many films sfiderman (spiderman),X-men,Bat man etc (He said that he acted in all these films wearing masks and that's the reason why all superheroes have got masks!! All his superhero claims were Ok till he said me that he acted in Titanic..When I asked him which role did he do in that film ,he said He acted as the "SHIP" SILENCE !! I was stunned for a second,he suddenly got down from the chair to floor and he got into an awkward shape and said "this is how I acted in that film"..I'm telling you guys seriously it looked like a frozen chicken on the cutting board !!! 

BoBo :Did you cry when I sank into the freezing water ?,I know you must have cried ,because everyone in the theatre too cried.

Me: "They cried because Jack died !!"

BOBO :Who will cry if a junior artist die ?? Are you fool ?? They cried seeing me the Ero..The Ship sank !! FOOOL

Me : UUffffff !! Then why don't you act without any masks ??

Bobo :Hey I'm kid..I will be 2 months old day after tomorrow..
Me :(Guys,he have been telling this for the past 2 years that,he is gonna be 2 months tomorrow,next week,today etc)..Hey Bobo,im gonna take bath...

Bobo: Go,Let me go for a sight seeing !!

Me got naked and switched on my showers,soon I started hearing some giggles..When I turned back .......Seee Who's there !!!!!!!!!!!!

When he saw me staring at him,he started singing...

Bobo:       "Chame Chame Puppy Chame..
                   Aale Bale Puppy Chame..

                    Chame Chame Puppy Chame..
                     Aale Bale Puppy Chame.."

Me :BOOOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!! eeeEEEEERRRRR !!!! Took a mug and throwed sharp on his head ...DUMMMMMMMM !!!!

There lies down the Bloody Super Eroooo !!!!! LOL..

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