Sunday, 15 July 2012

An Exclusive Interview with Super Hero BoBo !!

A freelance journalist,that's my current designation that I'm assigned to..So there is not doubt that I must get something sensational for the leading channels..
I grabbed a newspaper just to know about the current affairs and hot topics..I saw a huge headline
"BOBO croons for King Kong 2" Suddenly I thought about taking an interview of BoBo itself and I'm sure the leading channels would die for that..
As I approached BoBo's bedroom..I could feel very cold breeze beneath BoBo's door.
When I opened the door I saw something sleeping like this...

The room was damn cold !! Initially I saw BoBo like a frozen chicken..
Ahh !! He was sleeping on a water bed...wrapped with a Donald duck quilt..

Me     :BoBo,BoBo...BoBoooooooooo...wake upppp !!!!!!!!!!
BoBo,took his hand out of his blanket and and pointed out to a poster just above his head on the wall..It read "Baby is sleeping,please do not disturb...If you don't mind please Get lost !!"
Soon he started snoring..
I went out and brought the bucket of Kfc I had last night..just passed that bucket through BoBO..
BoBo jumped up and sat cross legged on the bed and said
" 3 legs,4 wings and 1 breast piece only"!!
BoBo saw the empty bucket..

BoBo  :hey !! Give me some If you have got..
Me      :No BoBo,it's the bucket I had last night..
BoBo ran to my room..he was running just like a balloon filled with water !! LOL

I saw him searching something under my pillows..
Me     :BoBo what are you searching for ??
BoBo  :You must have hidden some pieces of kfc here...Usually I does like that !!
Me     :Then you must check my pockets too,last time the laundry guy said that his machine got stuck with a piece of Kfc,but he didn't know that you were the culprit..
BoBo :heheheeee..don't say him plsss. I'm kid right..916 super Ero..
Me    :hmmm..then you must give me an interview..
BoBo :No,I never give interviews to any media,not even when the world's best 2 channels approached me..
Me    :Those two channels must have been National Geographic and Discovery Channel..
BoBo :You know seriously what i feel when you burst these crap jokes ??
Me    :What ?
BoBo :"A mad dog barking looking at the sun"'s a dialogue from my new movie..
Me     :Arrrrrrgg !!! Fine !! Now give me an interview..
BoBo :Fine,do you have an appointment ?? hahahaa just kidding !! I does a lot for charity..I will do this for you thinking that...But I need to have food first..
Me    :I said in my mind "Let the interview start,I will make you pissed !!" Ok BoBo.Let's drive to the nearby hotel and grab some hot burgers !!
BoBo :You coming in my vehicle or by taxi ??
Me    :When did you buy a car ?? I will come with you..
BoBo opened his garage to reveal his new was covered ,seemed to be a small one.

There it is..

Me      :What ?? A perambulator ??
BoBo  : Yes,a perambulator with Rolls Royce Engine and Bridgestone Tires..How's it ??
Me      :Great !! Look like a trolley !! hahaaa
BoBo  :Aha..If you feel this as a trolley then I will get you a similar vehicle which doesn't look like a trolley..
Me     :Please BoBo get me one like that ..Plsss
BoBo  :I will show you the's like this...

Me    :WHAT ???? 
BoBo :Liked ?? Stylish right ??
Me    :A Bloody Wheel Chair ???
BoBo :Yes,but doesn't look like a trolley...hahahaaaa..I will gift it when you get hit by a truck or when you fall down from your balcony...HAHAHAAAAAA
Me     :BoBOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!
Me     :How will I come now in your vehicle to the restaurant??
BoBo :You have worn a belt right ?? Then I will tow you to the restaurant !! Hahahaaa

BoBo was nagging me to the core..All it was for his interview I stayed calm or else I would have butchered him just like this !!!

I took a taxi and asked the driver to take me as quick to the Restaurant ..As said the driver took off in a flash..He was a former Rally driver !! I was happy that I could reach before BoBo..
Soon I heard a tire screeching sound !! When I checked through the back window I could see BoBo's perambulator clocked at a speed of 350kmph approaching my taxi in a flash..
BoBo's hair was flying and I could see his cheeks flying with the wind...
It had the sound of Lamborgini... 
When I reached the Restaurant BoBo was posing for pics with his fans..
BoBo   :Did you walk and come ?? How long you took ??
Me      :BoBO let's order something and get on with the interview..
BoBo  :Fine..Simbalipaai Simbalipaai Simalipaai..
Me     :What ??
BoBo  :Nothing it's my new song to which I will be shaking my bum !!

Soon I called up the waiter and ordered a Babeque Chicken Hamburger and a chilled Pepsi !!
BoBo to the waiter :Get me a plate of hot Cerelac & a chilled milk in a baby bottle..
I was surprised to hear that and they served him very soon..Later I came to know that it was a special menu only for him...uff !!
BoBo    :let's start.
Me       :BoBO,which was your first film or ad and what was your character in it ??
BoBo   :My first film was Baby's day out ..As everyone know I was the adventurous baby in it..
This was the chance where I could nag this"Alien"
Me    :BoBo,I heard your first role was in an advertisement of Harpic where you did the character of a bacteria in the closet !! And I do have the poster of it...

BoBo was shocked to see this !! It was a very hidden secret of BoBO..
BoBo :Hey plss ..How did you come to know about this ?? It's a shame dude..Plss keep it as a secret..My fans will get disappointed ..
Me    :Hmmm..ok lemme see...So tell me about your fans..
BoBo :You can just look around this restaurant,many are wearing T-shirts telling they love me..and see my posters of my upcoming movies..

Evil kid BoBo ?? Even I have felt at time you are evil..Must check your body for a 666 number..
Bobo  :What 666 ?? A don't have a number plate sticked on my bum and in front of me..
That's the poster of my new Horror film in 3D,my character name is "Dracu"..
Me    : LOL "dracu" heheheeee
BoBo :That movie is for kids,not for grown up buffalo's.. hahahaaaaa
Me    :Now tell me about the latest news that you are going to croon your voice for a song in King Kong 2..
BoBo   :A very nice song "Ale bale ooo ooo ooo
                                             Ale bale oooo oooo ooo
             and very loudly      SIMBALIPAAI SIMBALIPAAI SIMBALIPAAI.."
BoBo got so involved and was singing it so loudly ..I felt like a coconut shell rubbed on a rock..
Soon I stopped BoBo and made him aware of others looking at him in the restaurant..
BoBo stopped suddenly and checked slowly at everyone staring at him..BoBo's mouth was open,so was the case with other you heard his song..And from one corner i heard a clap and soon everyone started to clap and it was like claps received at the end of an opera !! I was surprised to see this !!
Seeing this ,I sat with my mouth Open !!

This is the song he sang for the film !!

BoBo says"Every mother can use this song to make their babies sleep"
Surprisingly It's my ringtone now !!
Do I look like this now ???

After hearing this song,even you will like it and you will be humming later..You will also feel like a chicken then...LOL Hahahaaaaa...
Yes,I'm a chicken now !!

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