Monday, 16 July 2012

Dowry Lovers -This is for you...

This is a generation where it is a little bit difficult to get a good family oriented female to marry.The number of good males are even lesser from past many decades and we females can surely criticize that the number of good males with backbones were less even from the evolution of  human life when compared with females.Did I sound like a hard feminist ?? Then sorry for that.More precisely I will say that the number of males with backbones are declining  at an alarming rate and it can come to a grinding halt within a decade.We females are also not too bad in it,when comparing with the lifestyle we had 2 decades back with the present I must say many of us have brought disgrace to whole females.And if we go this way we do not need even half a decade to come to a grinding halt.Mothers were once considered next to God and were once respected by men.Now a days most of the females brings disgrace to other females who are considered to be God (Mothers).We females fight asking for freedom in society and getting equality with the males.How many of us have thought about the respect and freedom in society for fulfilling our dreams ?? Most of us have gained freedom,equality and even at times we have even challenged men not anywhere else,in bars,pubs etc.Our new life style have brought a new tag on women's neck for men "Give me what I want and I will give you all you want".When I say this it hurts.As a women even I have got into all organisations fighting for women's freedom in society and got diverted to the dark phase of society and REGRET is all what I have finally achieved.
There are females who got at the peak of their dreams both,simple or huge.But they in numbers are very less.
      But my questions are for those so called"Men" (only for boneless Chickens)
I'm not a person who say that all Men are Chickens,but major part of them are Chickens.This questionnare belongs only to them.."WE RESPECT REAL MEN'S"

1) Even during this great recession to get a good female as a wife,why do you opt for dowry ??

2)Does dowry showcase any status ?? Then we will start an organization for helping prostitutes in arranging dowry...Will you marry then ??

3)Do you take dowry from us for your sisters marriage ?? You and your father's life isn't enough to arrange for their marriage ?? Then we don't want such a generation LOSERS in our life !!

4)You take dowry to better yourself and settle down ?? It's we females usually think about marrying a well settled man so we can eat all day stomach full..But when you "men" think about that ,we feel pity on you...Don't you have firm legs to raise yourself to a better position...Better we will buy you all a rope for free...GO PLEASE HANG YOURSELF !!

5)Even though you get a healthy dowry ..people in society will say that you became stable because the wife's family side was wealthy...Don't you feel shame when hearing this ?? Offcourse,A boneless chicken will never feel so...

6)All what you ask for is the entire earnings of our parents life !! Tomorrow losers like you will suicide when it comes to your daughters marriage..

7)After you screwing our family a big time,there is nothing wrong when we females lick your life's OFF !!

What if our Father's advertise for the post of their daughter's husband..and ask you all to send your CV's ???..And I'm sure the recruitment would be very tough..But still "Men will be Men".They will come up with recommendations and Money...Sigh !!! Corruption Prone Buggers !!

Only one more question..."Don't you feel shame to do all these and be a Boneless Chicken???"
What we look for are real men with Bone !! 
But it is also a very sad fact that some real men get freedom lover's like us and get there life's F****D UP !! Strange,but true !!

We female's atleast try to get respect from Real Men !! Don't end up being a Loser like me !!
Being with a Real Men is the Real Life !! And Men "GROW UP" !!

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