Monday, 9 July 2012

BoBo and me got a problem !!!

Coming back from my gym,I saw BoBo sitting on his couch,it seems like he is little worried..
I didn't mind that,headed straight to the pool for a much needed rejuvenation. 
Back from the pool...I saw BoBo was sitting still,as if his system got crashed !! hahaaaa..
Oh ! his tummy is moving up and down..i guess he must be in sleep mode..zzzZZZZ !!

Me        :BoBo..wake up,Bulldozer !!

BoBo     :hmmm...Sorry I was connected to my 5G network.How was your gym session ??

Me        :It was great BoBo !! Got damn tired but the pool helped me in pulling somethings back..

BoBo    : Good ! Your tummy is shaping out well like a 20 kg rice sack ..hahaaaa Only one doubt 
                 Is is fat rice or Basmati ?? LOL

Me       :You seems like a little gas cylinder !! LPG or Biogas ?? When was the last time you
              came for a Gym session with me ??

BoBo   :My next movie doesn't need my 10 pack abs !! They need a family pack !!

Me      :Which film ?

BoBo  :Kung fu Panda 3

Me     :But u seemed worried a little while back..What happened ?

BoBo  :Yea,you are right !! Nothing is coming out well these days..I put a lot of effort,but still..

Me is hard BoBo,at times there were instances where I couldn't control
             myself and feels like doing nothing during these times...

Bobo   :Exactly !! I feel so uncomfortable..But what will we do for this ??

Me     :I'm planning to consult a psychologist..and take some advise because my head is going 
             really mad these days !!

Bobo  :Your case seems so worst when compared to me..For me it's my stomach where things are
            going hard..For you it's in HEAD !! Did you put a lot of effort ?? Did you try pressurizing
            them like me ??

Me    :What ?????

BoBo :Yes..for me CONSTIPATION is in stomach...But for you it's in HEAD !! Serious right ??


LOL .... This fellow gives a hell lot of stuffs like these in a day...If he don't get rid of this very soon,then the name of his next movie would be "Kunfu Panda 3:Constipation Begins"
As a revenge to this I will ask BoBo to go and consult a psychologist for his constipation !! Hahaaa..Let's see ..

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