Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Santa Claus

We all are awaiting yet another Christmas this year. For grown ups it would be just another Christmas for prayers, celebrations, family get together, boozing and wonderful dinner. But when it comes down to children, Christmas is much beyond our imaginations and celebrations. May be it´s for them that we arrange the christmas tree with lovely decorations on it and buy gifts. But the space for fantasy which the children expects or wish for are mostly left empty. On account of River of Love, let´s join our hands together to make this Christmas a memorable one for both kids and grown-ups. 

 This plan would never steal any time from your plans and preparations for Christmas, but would be an icing on the cake when you see your little one´s having a day that would be remembered life long. So all you have to do is as follows:-

1. Santa´s Socks: Make sure when you purchase Santa´s socks that you hide it very secretely without your child knowing about it. 

One week prior to Christmas, write a colorful letter saying that the Santa Claus has decided to gift your child a memorable present on the Christmas night based on the love of the parents for the child. Then include everything that you wish to convey to your child and whatever things that you do not like them doing in the voice of Santa, like to obey the parents , give a kiss to the parents every night before bed and at morning when waking up, shouldn´t do that or this etc ..
The letter must include Santa asking a gift what you wish the child to stop, for example pacifier, milk bottle etc. And conclude wishing a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Once the letter it prepared ,drop it into the Santa´s Socks and hang it somewhere on the Christmas tree. When your child notices it, you must act very surprised and take the letter from the socks. You kid may or may not be able to read what´s written in the letter but their eyes should feel that the letter is from Santa. Read slowly and calmy the letter to the child. The happiness or the feel of fantasy that you would witness on the face of the child would be priceless.

On the Christmas night, ask the kid to drop her pacifier for example as a sacrifice to Santa to win a wonderful present from the Santa. Believing the fantasy your child would give up anything that you would ask for,So utilize this chance wisely.On the Christmas night after your celebrations, ask the kid to drop her pacifier into the socks and hang it on the christmas tree. After the kid sleeps, pick your gift for her and drop into the socks.If the gift is bigger then pack it beautifully and locate them behind the door. Then prepare another small letter thanking the child for pacifier and a guide to locate the present. Start searching for the gift along with your child very eagerly and when once found shout YaaaaaaaYYYYY !! They must see the happiness and feel the importance of it. And do not forget to make them write or help them to write a letter thanking Santa.

It´s you who are really the Santa and you light the lamp of fantasy for your child which would be a memorable for them and in future they would turn Santa for their kids. If we didn´t had such a luck during our childhood then let´s do it for our future. So Santa Claus is coming Tonight !!!!

Love you all and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas !!

*** Do not keep the gifts under the tree because that is what always seen everywhere.

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