Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Snake & Ladder out of a Pizza Box !!

Dear Friends,

              A post for children, on how I made a board game Snake & Ladder just by using a Pizza Box and a marking pen to draw the lines and designs. All you need is a dice and some small stuffs to represent your position in the game. 

You can use different colors for the lines, ladders and snakes according to your likes so that it would look very beautiful and definitely worth your time working on it. So spare some minutes for the kids so that they would inturn provide you with priceless smile and happiness. Don´t just make and leave it for them, play a couple of times to show how interesting this game is !!     And when your child wonders how you got the idea, say them it was your own brilliance without any shame ... LOL.. If it was me, definitely I would had done the same. Come on dudes, let´s atleast show off infront of kids !! Wishing you all happy days !! Keep smiling and make others smile too !!                                                                                                                                        

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