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Matha, Pitha, Guru, Daivam.

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              Matha, Pitha, Guru, Daivam is a very popular Sanskrit phrase in India and very often used in Hinduism as well. It is the order of respect that a person must follow during his life time. 

Matha      - Mother

Pitha         - Father

Guru         - Teacher

Daivam     - God

                  When translated it forms Mother, Father, Teacher, God. Now what this phrase explains is that it is through our mother that we are brought to this world and it's the Mother who points out the Father to the child. They together forms the world for the child and it remains as such through their life. The mother and father shows the Teacher known as Guru and it is the teacher through his / her teachings, points out to the God by lighting the lamp of knowledge within the child. Here God represents consciousness / self-awareness / our real self.

Definitely it is the same sequence through which everyone of us has passed or passing. But the value of respect remains unknown to many. The amount of respect that we all should give to our Mother must be above everything in our life. After parents the next important person in our life is the teacher, it doesn't mean it's just the teacher at school, but the person who teaches you what life is. This would be something that many of the people or the teachers are unaware. Everyone respects God and whom God asks you to respect the most are our Mother, Father & Teacher.  

There is also another phrase that says "Your children would treat you the same way how you treated your parents."

There is an interesting story I still remember which was heard through my father during my childhood days.

The story is a Hindu mythology starring a Father, Mother & two Brothers.

Father            - Lord Shiva

Mother           - Goddess Parvati

1st brother     - Ganesha

2nd Brother   -Karthikeya

  Once Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati received a mango as a gift. Their children both Ganesha and Karthikeya wanted the fruit and they were not ready to share it. This situation left the parents in dilemma and they decided to give them a test: The winner would get the fruit. Agreeing to this both Ganesha and Karthikeya prepared themselves to hear what the test was. Parents announced " The one goes around the world and reaches back first will win the mango". Hearing this Karthikeya immediately set off to encircle the world on his vehicle - a peacock with a smile left to Ganesha. But Ganesha stood prostrated in front of his parents with his vehicle - a mouse. Meanwhile Karthikeya completed travelling a quarter of the world. After a second Ganesha walked around his parents and claimed the Mango. When the parents questioned, Ganesha said " Dear father and mother, you both are everything to me and therefore my world is my Mother and Father. Walking around you both I have gone around the world." Hearing this Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati became extremely happy and gifted the Mango to Ganesha. When Karthikeya returned back after travelling the whole world, he saw Ganesha holding the fruit. Karthikeya couldn't believe what he was seeing and inquired how Ganesha won the Mango to his parents. Being upset on the decision Karthikeya left the home to live alone and meditate at the hills of Palani in Southern India. 

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