Thursday, 6 November 2014

Best Gift for your Loving One´s - Bunch of Flowers or A Plant ?

Flowers are the most beautiful and cheapest gift you can get for your loving ones. Gifts always brings pleasure to the recieving end and if they remembers that gift for a long time,then there´s no bigger satisfaction than that.

Gifting a bunch of Flowers:

1. The flowers will definitely get dried and die in a couple of days.
2. Your loving one´s happiness is limited to a short span.
3. Your loving one´s will witness the death of the flowers/ your gift.
4. Your loving one´s will end up in throwing your gift at the garbage. (Is that what you would          like?)
5. You wouldn´t be remembered by the gift.

    Infact you are gifting a beautiful thing that is almost dead. Is that what you would choose to gift for your dear one´s ? 

Gifting a Lovely Plant:

1. The flowers would blossom in cycles and the happiness is unlimited.
2. Your gift would provide a beautiful view and fragrance to the reciever each day when they         wake up.
3. Your gift would be taken care with love.
4. You would be remembered for a long time by the gift.
5. Your gift would be a part of your loving one´s life.

The Beauty of a flower is so lovely for our eyes and it brings a lot of pleasure to see the buds popping up and immense happiness later when they blossoms. Each time when it is taken care off, you would be remembered and that would bring a smile in them. Is there any satisfaction bigger than that ?

Now you guys decide what to gift when it comes to gifting your mom, wife, lover or daughter.
If you are someone who´s trying to get some girl on track, then be wise to get her a lovely plant, so that you would be remembered and your chances are ON !!

***A nature lover is always a good lover and nature inturn would definitely love and protect you forever !!

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