Monday, 10 November 2014

"Life´s Manual" : The Gift of An Angel

Many of us aren´t good readers or possess reading as a hobby but we doesn´t pass out a day without reading something. There are a lot of people who reads  lots of books. For example: During my college days while residing at hostel I remember two friends of mine on cloud nine
for getting a latest release of Harry Potter. While going to bed at night I saw them sitting near the staircase holding the book between them and reading together. Later I got up to go by the washroom, I saw them sitting and reading in the same position. I felt some kind of shoked on seeing it and I took a look on my watch to see 5ó clock on it. They saw me, smiled and continued reading. I stood looking at them around 10-15 seconds and went back to bed. There smile represented like two love birds romancing.To be frank I have never witnessed a sight like that ever before in my life. 

       Now there is a reason why I´m taking about reading, an incident that happened a week ago propelled me to write about reading. Me along with my friends and families had a get together at a restaurant on a late evening. The elder men started with the topic "Polictics", the female battalions started talking about recipes and gossips of their neighbours and we youngsters talked about the girls sitting on the next table. :))) Later just like the drinks moved to starters and starters moved to main course, the topics to kept on changing among the elders and youngers continued the same but with different girls. Once the dinner was almost coming to an end and when we remained one of the 2 families left to exit, the elders started to talk about their kids and yes that´s us. They started to blame us for everything, not studying, everytime playing, don´t know the value of life, don´t have an aim etc. Everything that we ate till then descended pretty quickly and didn´t feel to order any dessert. They were blaming us as if they were playing to gain the title for having the worst son. Ahh Aahhhh What a match !!!
They hanged on talking about life and value of life. An old man who sat on the next table looked at us and smiled politely as if he was understanding our feelings. He stood up and walked towards us and appreciated the elders for talking about the value of life to their children. The elders felt very proud on hearing it. The old man looked towards us and said it´s always good to have people with knowledge around us as they would be able to guide well. He asked elders whether they would read the manual of a new product before the first use and elders said ´yes`. He said to us that´s how wise people must be . We youngsters looked at him with our mouths open and we didn´t understand what he meant. The old man looked as if he was adding oil to the fire or charging up the elders who were very tired eating and drinking. He asked to the elders that how many of them had read a holy book that represented their religion. All said `yes´. But the elders went to mute when the old man asked whether they had read the whole book. He said half knowledge is dangerous that the one without knowledge. He said holy books are the manuals of life and people who haven´t read that completely are not capable of teaching anyone about life. " People who reads the manual of inventions forgot to read their own manual of life". I need to write that phrase once again :

" People who reads the manual of inventions forgets to read their own manual of life" : When he said that elders looked dump infront of us and for us it was a moment like GGGOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL !!!!! The old man advised to all of us saying that a reader becomes useful if he opts to read his own manual first, no matter how much ever he reads on others or about anything. Read your manual first and guide others , so that you can be a good guide and a people would be lucky to be guided by you. Holy books are our manual written in such a manner that people would understand easily, the rules and regulations written in them are for our benefits to live well. It says to pray several times during a day, what is that for ? Everyone was sitting quiet surprised on hearing him.. Prayer is a meditation that relieves your body, mind and soul. Holy books have no age limitations and it´s the best gift you can get someone. Why do people neglect reading it when they claim to be a good reader ? Many of the wonderful stories theme can be found in the holy book. Many of the proved and unproved scientific researches are written in them thousands of centuries ago. In short they are the best book / manual where you can get maximum knowledge." A person who read the holy book can survive the ups and downs in life because it´s all written in the manual" Saying this, he smiled looking at all of us and left the restaurant. Everyone sat silent looking each other in wonder and accepted the old man´s words with a smile. Definitely he must be an angel who came in and touched all of us. We couldn´t thank him that day since we sat surprised hearing him. I take this opportunity to thank him.. Thank you so much on remembering your words.

" A person who read the holy book can survive the ups and downs in life because it´s all written in the manual ..."

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