Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Ignition of Happiness

Hey Folks,

              Happiness is a topic that everyone would like to talk about and when it comes to celebrations it´s the best moment to light the lamp of happiness on many people. I have been part of many celebrations since childhood but it took years to me understand the value of a celebration or how to celebrate.

Marriage Functions / Receptions:

This must be the biggest event an individual would conduct during his life time where the person would invite thousands of friends, relatives etc. 

Why this event is largely celebrated ?

It´s the biggest moment of an individuals life where he /she would start the journey of life with a partner. So that the individual wants each and every person that have been part of their life to be present on their biggest occasion and bless them during the ceremony with their prayers. A ceremony of happiness in short. Look below the topic " What really Happens".

Birthday Parties:

The number of Birthday parties that we must have attended would be difficult to count if asked to. I'am writing just about Marriage and Birthday functions since that´s something common people often attends and also these are the functions that´s parent of all celebrations.

What really Happens:

  During Marriage reception people come and goes till late night, they come in talks a bit with the groom/bride, poses for a photo and then goes to drink and eat. While they return I have heard people complaining about the food, richness of celebrations, making fun of the groom/bride or just uses the function in such a way that they don´t have to cook any food that day at home. I would list a few comments I have heard:

1. If the function is rich : Ah, he has got a lot of money and doesn´t know what to do with it, he have arranged a festival.

2. If function is normal : Ah, he has got a lot of money and see how miser he has been in conducting a function of his life. No idea where they would be digging all these money.

3. And a lot of gossips among women about the bride/groom.

4. The food sucked !! The bread was something that required an axe to cut.

  How many of us must have thanked for the invitation ? How many of them would be really happy in celebrating the function. How many of us must have prayed or wished for more success for the person conduting the function by sharing his happiness ? If we opt to conduct a function, do we require these jealousy people out there to spread negative energy ?

How many of us have prayed and blessed a kid celebrating his/her birthday ? Taking a gift to the fuction have been a ritual but to pray for the long life of a kid to celebrate many more birthdays still remain unknown to many. We teaches our kids too the same, just to take a gift for the function for the sake of formality. Have you taught your kids to pray during the function ? Think about it !! Your lack of knowledge is passed to your kids as well. 

Instead of having jealousy people around you, have selected people around you to spread the happiness or organise a party to poor people and children seen outside. Definitely they would pray for your long life and success in future.

I just remember what my father said to me : Feed the starving stomachs to ignite and share your happiness instead of feeding pot bellies. After all think for a second, who would be more happy, the starving stomachs or the pot bellies ?          
On your kids birthday or any important function don´t forget to feed the starving stomachs, they would definitely pray and bless your kid and that´s the best gift you can get for your kids as well. And pass this to our future as well.

Feed the starving stomachs to ignite and share your happiness instead of feeding the pot bellies.