Monday, 3 November 2014

Playing for Change @ Brazil 2014

Playing for Change, the music band, as the name refers they played and brought a change in me 3 days back.

It was on 20th of October me knowing about their arrival at Brazil and performing a show at the city where I belong to. The same day the tickets were purchased and I had special people accompanying for the night. I don´t remember when did I become a fan of PFC (Playing for Change) , but most of the day I used to listen to their songs.Their songs are soothing, melodious and entertainers as well. Their difference in use of music intruments made them notable to me and therefore due to infinite reasons I fell in love for their music. The 3 special people accompanying me for the night were PFC´s die hard fans and they made into both the previous shows of PFC. I waited patiently to witness the first ever music show of my life and down somewhere in my heart I had a feeling on having a great night.

2nd November 2014:

                The night kick-started by having a wonderful dark chocolate ice-cream, followed by Pizza and Grape water. Talking about Grape water I have no idea how to explain it, it was a carbohydrated water containing 5% of Grape in it, now that´s what was written on it and was a good refreshing one to have. On reaching Araujo Viana, we all held our hands together and stepped into the hall eagerly. It was a perfectly arranged place so that we didn´t had any kind of difficulties in finding the spot. 

Sat well and started taking a couple of selfies and the jam-packed crowds. While waiting for the show to begin I thought about sharing my first music show experience in my blog. But to write about an experience is easy, but to make it different from others definitely there should be something that happened extra-ordinary. So I thought that I would bluff a bit about a fake incident, still I wasn´t satisfied because to provide life to bluffs are very challenging. I dropped that idea since bluffing was too difficult to me ... Ahem Ahem.. Really :P. Finally the much awaited show began. The introduction of the artists were lovely and cute, but the crowds applause was at the peak when the heart of PFC, Grandpa arrived. I showed no misery when it came down to applauding and cheering. The show began, followed by intros and group songs. Then it was a showcasing of talent of each individual, you can never pick just one from the band to acclaim the best. Each and everyone of them was superb at their best. It wasn´t just limited to their peformances, the lighting were spectacular like an icing on the cake. It was a show that demonstrated fabulous musics, songs, lightings, dances and their very deep passion. What should I ask more for the first ever music night of my life ?? I even went down closer to them to click some pics of them. People started losing their patience or to control their emotions just by sitting, they started to dance and to be frank they were dancing so well. I didn´t want to sit like a nerd while others dancing, me too started to dance with my love.At first I was being over cautious about my steps but soon I got into flow with the music.To be frank it was since then the night just got better and better ,with everyone dancing. Towards the end the celebrations were like as if Brazil won the World Cup. 


Hat´s off for entire PFC group, you all were so fantastic and I would bow 10000 times infront of you all for your indefinite energy and dedication. I was not just the musics and songs, they danced equally well and they never seemed tired. It was the first time I witnessed your show and I can very easily say that I fell in love with them. 

Once thanksgiving by the Grandpa was done, I stood just looking at him while he was walking to towards the exit of the stage. For a second I prayed for his health and energy to bring him back to us many more times.After a sigh, I said to myself ´´ The show is over`` disappointingly because I loved each and every bit of the show, loved every performers.

Once the show was over people rushed towards the exit and a few rushed to buyT-shirts and their Cd´s. Once when I turned to have a look again on the stage where they produced a spectacular show I saw a few rushing towards the corner of the stage. I saw some of the officials taking their friends and family inside. I said `´they are going to meet the PFC´´ !! Me too stood over there and my love asked me to talk to lady who seemed to be a crew of the organisers,but she left soon. Then I started dreaming about a moment of meeting the group,it was like a kid asking his mom for moon. We too joined a line that was meant to meet the PFC group. I kept on looking at the first person on the queue just to know whether there is a chance for such a dream. Soon we saw a girl coming out and saying something to the guy, but she had the expression saying that it´s impossible to meet them now. One of us comfirmed that the organisers won´t allow anyone to get inside. I saw my love and family getting disapponted on not meeting them, they have been to their every shows but never got a chance to meet them.Once they got a chance to get an autograph while performing but couldn´t since there were no pen !! I noticed a guy talking to the guards and instructing them about the exit and I felt this guy can help me if I could convince him. I went near him and asked if he talks English or not, he replied´´a little bit´´. I knew to speak Portuguese decently but I wanted him to know that Iám an Indian and I wanted to meet the PFC so much. In the same manner I started explaining him that Iám an Indian and my eagerness about meeting them.I gave no chance for him to talk when he had the face of negotiating my pleads by begging please,Please ,PLEASE !!
He said that he would try and he got past the door,I waited calmly and patiently with a small hope. I asked my love to pass me the CD and tickets to get the autograph and I said her that It was for them that I pleaded because I knew how much they loved the band and if I could make it possible for them then it would be a night that none of us could ever forget.Afterall at the end of the day it´s their priceless smile and happiness that matters to me.In a minute the guy came out and asked me to wait . Soon the same girl who said to the people in queue that it´s not possible to meet them came out and called me to get in, we all got inside and she said we just got 2 minutes to be with them.She guided us to a door guarded by body guards. The emotion inside me was ......................................................................... I had no idea what to do !! I walked past the door like a child and paused once I entered seeing the stars that rocked the night. I saw one of them walking to the door ,I said Hi and hugged him. He must have understood the emotion I was feeling. He was very happy to know that I was an Indian and on knowing that I loved my first ever music show. I took a look back on my love and family and saw them equal to me. What I witnessed at the stage was their talent and at room it was their humbleness and love. Down to earth people with so much love in them.Their eyes were filled with tears seeing our happiness, they way they talked to me and posing photos with me still gives me goosebumps. I couldn´t hug Grandpa, I couldn´t get close to him as my family wrapped him with love. I enjoyed looking at him,such a lovely person.. Next time when you come back ,I would be the first to hug you. I don´t know why I paused in front of him but still the feeling that I got to be with him was awesome and beyond words explanation. I promised to each and everyone of them that I would be a part in supporting and cheering them forever and would pray for them. 

About the night:

   Once after the sunset at Porto Alegre on 2nd November 2014, the people at Araujo Viena witnessed the most brightest stars reflecting their love, talent, carisma, enthusiasm, passion, sentiments  and happiness. I salute the Playing For Change band with pride and prayers for their health and abilility in spreading peace through their music all over the world. I thank from the deep of my heart for playing a change in me and for lighting the lamp of smile and happiness on my loving ones. 

With Prayers,

*** There are no bluffs written in this article. :)))) 

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