Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Human friendly Diet -100% Result Oriented Diet Plan.

Dear Guys, 

             Without any intros I´m directly getting to the Diet Plan that worked 100%. I don´t want to sound cliche like every other diet plans offers and to be frank and true Iám not here to sell anything. As my blog truly represents, the experiences of my life.

So here´s the diet plan that I have been following for the past 3 months and there´s nothing that would cost you more than the normal expenses you had earlier.

Break Fast:

2 Eggs with Brown Bread (including the yolks)
Green Tea- a cup 


Boiled Sausages with Brown Bread

Lunch :

Grilled Chicken / Cooked in Pressure Cooker)
Any Vegetables.

Or Any Homemade Soups / Oats


A cup of Oats / Same as break fast
A cup of Green Tea.

Now I would explain you better on how to execute this diet plan. Looking at the diet foods you guys must be already feeling comfortable to an extent knowing that there is no much sufferings and a very Human Friendly Diet Plan. 

Consuming: Each time have your food well enough to your satisfaction, never allow your stomach to feel suffocated or cry asking you to stop. 

Foods : Above mentioned foods were of my choice which had very less fats/calories. Having brown bread is the best if you are a person who consumed bread daily. Oats and Green Tea are the only items that I recommend you guys to include in your diet because the results provided by them are immense. You can replace the rest of the food with your choice of low calories. What matters is how much you eat.Eat well till you feel comfortable,don´t leave this option to your tummy. 

Oats and Green Tea: Prepare Oats by boiling a cup of milk with 2-3 tsps of Oats and bring them to boil . Add a pinch of salt and consume it at whatever temperature you would feel comfortable. Add milk if the mixture gets thick. Now Green tea : The part where you have to take care is just on the addition of sugar, If you normally add 2 spoons,then make it 1 spoon or use zero calorie sugar. Oats can be had as a meal best at night along with a cup of Green tea because it´s during the sleep that your body is subjected to rejenuvation and weight loss. Have Green tea whenever you want or how much ever cups you like because there is no caffeine content.

Avoids: Avoid junk foods to maximum because they are the reason why you are subjected to a diet. You are allowed to have them once in a week, afterall whose gonna say no to Pizza or a Burger. It would be a suffer to neglect them,so have it and enjoy your life but just once a week. Chocolates can be eaten but limit it to the least and Refrigerants too limit them just to a day per week.Have food whenever you want to but limit it to a very small portion other than your normal meals and never skip your meals. The extra hunger would be felt only for the first 2 days. So handle it well and smart.

*** The initial kilos would be lost very quickly if you stick well to the diet, then they begin to maintain slowly. I lost 6 kgs in less that 2 weeks and now at the end of 2 months I lost another 4 kgs bringing that to a total of 10kgs. I didn´t even consume a drop of refrigerant but at weekends I did have a few junk foods but at night before bed I used to have green tea. I had some workouts too which was always a routine to me. I weighed 87 before I started the diet and now weighs 66.7. So if you are around 100, the loss would be even faster. You can leave your doubts below or email me and I would be very happy to assist you guys.


  1. Hi Indiano -your diet plan looks very promising and i would try this out.please be in touch in helping me out during the process.

    1. Hey,Feeling honoured on your decision and be rest assured of my guidance throughout the process. All the best !!

  2. I lost 3 kilos in 3 days !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks you so much for this wonderful diet and I have already recommended this to my friends and family.What a pleasure it´s been to be on the weighing machine now. Thanks dude.