Friday, 22 June 2012

A very different evening !!

Soon after I completed my first post,i got a call from my mom asking me to get ready for going to temple.As soon i heard ,went to bathroom and took a shower..used dove soap,Clean n Clear face wash and a scrub too..when i came out searching for my towel ,realized that mom took it for washing.."Oh..shit !!",standing nude wet,what else will come out from mouth ?? My room is attached to the terrace,so slowly got out my head first and made sure that i was not under anyone's surveillance...soon i grabbed a towel and got back into my room..just guess if anyone saw..if it was a guy"shameless asshole",if it was a girl "sheesh",chances are also there to get into her gallery if she is a smart one,My God what would have been the pose ?? Me starting for a 400m hurdles ?? lolll 
Got ready..
Took bike,me and mom went straight to the temple..
Ahh..some kinda relief between I got a call from my girl...Oops did i say about my heroine ?? Ohh how can I give a simple intro like that to her?? Excuse me guys lemme give her a good intro..
HER NAME IS NILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! (ten tadan tadan tadan tadan)Hope bg music isn't bad..
In simple she is "Nila",she called me.
She is the one who is always in "active mode" both in life as well as in my heart and mind..
Ohh..sorry guys me got off from my prayed well and came back home..
Aahhh a good relief !! You guys must be thinking that's because I washed away my sins for the past 3 months..idiots !! this is why you are my friend ..suffer guys !! SUFFER !! LOL..
Ok fine,in ur guys sight I washed away my sins and came back home and straight i got out from home to buy CHICKEN !! Hahahaaaaa can't keep me away from sins !!
Yes,that's gonna be my dinner tonight.."Chicken Macroni" guys seriously it's gonna be awesome..
Will come up with the recipe of it later..If i forget remind me.OK ?? Be useful guys !! lol

Next i will come up introducing my family to you all and my very rare friends too(they are not animal's ok!) Oh! god nila calling...

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