Saturday, 23 June 2012

A sad evening..

Guys..this evening so far didn't belong to me..
Everything was going normal..I was talking with Nila.That time I got a call from my elder bro with whom Iam gonna stay tomorrow onwards..The content in that call wasn't so good to me..He said I have applied for net connection,but will only get it in 2 weeks time.."OOOOOHHH NOOOO"that was my reaction.Only one thing came to my mind "Nila"..I talked to her last day telling that I would be there in Dubai for a day without net,it's so difficult for me to spend a day without her..
may sound silly to you guys..but it is the truth..Iam always logged into skype with her..i cannot spend even a minute without her,unless she is busy with any work..Iam a really F-ing sensitive when it comes to Nila,cannot compromise anything ,when it comes to her..I was sad initially for waiting a day for net..Now its 14 days..NOOO..Now everything else too came on mind,about leaving my parents and my younger bro..but Iam leaving this place is to make them and my Nila happy in future..I have to earn and get them the best in all ,that's the way they took care of me and now it's my turn..
Tomorrow morning 6:30 ,i will leave from home..when thinking about that ,there's little pain in me.
All prayers to God to to give me the strength to withstand all these pains..
If my parents and Nila support me then I am sure that no one would be able to stop me..
Guys !! wake me up from this pain..atleast try to console me,instead you all are listening to some story ?? Guys this is the time that I must get some inspiring advise..
Ahh..You guys are also like me a a Loser can understand the feelings of another Loser !! LOL Big philosophy even when dud !!
Take an inspiring note from me..if you are at a point where you think "nothing more worse can happen to me and Iam on ground's the only time where I can get a firm grip to my legs on ground and raise up slowly"because there are no more levels down the ground for you to fall..
When I rise up,don't comment me "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"..LOL

My next post would be from Dubai..Bye and Happy journey and Best wishes to MYSELF !!
Be useful guys..

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