Saturday, 30 June 2012

Anti-Boring Tablet !!

Guy's come and have this tablet if you are bored for free !! Ah ! If free I know you guys would even drink an acid ...Greedy fellows !! LOL..I just had one
After having my lunch,i felt a little boring and now I am feeling better after having this tablet..thought I would share this with you Barbarians.. lol ..What ?? I am the captain of it ???
Then you are the COACH of it .. LOL

Funny Wallpapers are always a hit!. Isn't it fun to look at your wallpaper and get a little chuckle. The problem is around how long the funny wallpaper stays funny.

Let's face it, what is funny today may seem a little dated a few weeks from now. So changing out your wallpaper every-so often will help to relieve this problem of the boring wallpaper.

So here in this lens I have a couple of wallpapers that will hopefully tickle your funny bones. Hopefully they are not overly dated and will remain fresh as long as possible. Enjoy the funny wallpaper.

Funny Wallpaper

Nothing to do-mark it off the list

Cat Exercise wallpaper

Some Motivation required

Nasty Banana 

Funny Drunk Tree Frog 

Ben Franklin Aquiring Electricity (the real story)

Awesome Funny

Fish out of Water background

A Turtle on Rye

Carrot Killers 

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