Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Emirates A330-200 -A tale of Last Supper !! Part 1

Starring :-Myself (Hero) lol
                 Nila (Heroine)
                 Airbus330 (Aircraft)
                 Captain Ahmed (Driver)
                 Chettinad Chicken (Guest role)
                 Babes (Air Hostess) LOL..

Scene 1 :Entering the Airport.

After taking blessings from my Dad and Mom,smiled at my younger bro,me walked into the airport with my eyes filled.Tried calling Nila ..but no chance,sun wasn't bright enough.. LOL..Actually the previous day she was with me in skype till 3:00am,poor girl she was sleeping when i tried calling her..After sometime she called me and after that we kept on texting..

Scene 2 :Entering the Aircraft

By the time the airport officials asked us to line up near the gate as if there was some snacks and juice to be given for pigs..Nearing the entrance,got a glimpse of the Queen (Airbus330)..there was 2 babes to welcome everyone to the aircraft..very well mannered,at times I felt as overacting too..Got my seat no.37E.When I got to my seat,i realized that Iam gonna be sandwiched by 2 buns...hehee Me sat down,fastened my seat belt and took a book from the seat pouch..

Scene 3 :Take off

I was talking with Nila,even at the moment the aircraft took off from the ground.She made me feel more better,gave a really inspiring advises and she set my goals too.After the takeoff,a person next to me asked 
Man:Did the flight take-off ?
Me  :Yes,it did
Man :Oh..I didn't even feel it,If it was Air India we would have prayed for our life.
Me   :heheee.. Yes,that's right..

Oh..God Im sorry for insulting Air India at that time..because I was taught a very good lesson..A VERY THRILLING ONE..

INTERMISSION...Guys go piss and come & get ready to see me getting PISSED !!

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