Saturday, 23 June 2012

Good Morning,guys !!

Good Morning to guys who wake up early like me (once in a leap year) lol..
For rest of all Good Afternoon..(who wakes up when the sun strikes their bums)
A pretty Morning for me so far,went to four temples with was raining well,got washed totally..
You Guys must be thinking why this ass got up and moreover went to temple so early??
No,it isn't my b''s because I am leaving to Dubai,my homeland  as my mom say..searching for a job.
yes,iam a jobless guy !! What did u guys think ?? Do u guys think I would have been sitting here and blogging you my eating,sleeping and farting stories,if i had a job ?? LOL..
The first thing I do before i open my eyes ..
Grab my cell phone (N73 Nila's mob,she asked me that mob,but i won't give her..heheheee)
Text my Good Morning to Nila...won't call her because as I said above Sun wakes her up
Good Morning ,Nila...
I love you soo much ( i know "soo" isn't right,but it's my extension of feelings) if good,copy that !!
ummmaaaaahh (olden or desi style of "mmuuahh")
On my entire journey i kept texting her..
Last day i said I will come up introducing my family and friends..need some more time guys.
There are not many in the list very few...but they need a very good intro..
Between typing this I informed my best pal (R) about my blog,he was surprised I guess..
Got a lot of stuffs in my mind,like the Macroni i had last night..Ohh Guys !! yesterday Macroni was superb!!
Remind me about the recipe later..Be useful guys !! hehee
Nila,hasn't got up yet !! Sun isn't strong enough for her @ 11..may be at 12 !!
Lemme go to the kitchen to get some balance Macroni...
Guys,bye for gonna buy a couple of shirts for myself !! 
By the time guys..wake up .."have a cup of coffee and some breakfast,everything should be eaten before brushing your teeth,because food tastes better and you will get all the nutrients if ate before brushing.." this law was stated by A huge lazy ass,myself  LOL..else who will find something brilliant !!
If checked,this law must have come true in your life's too...Assols.. LOL.

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