Thursday, 28 June 2012

Emirates A330-200 -A tale of Last Supper !! Part 2

Scene 4 :Relax Mode

Continued reading an Emirates booklet that comprised info about Turkey,Dubai and California..It was interesting and I even decided to take that book with me..(Hey !! Not Stealing !!).Babes kept on coming and going serving this and that..among those barbecue roasted Almond,orange juice was the best..I am a food lover,so I may talk a lot about food,If you all are looking for a talk on those Air hostess ,then get disappointed..they looked good and they served even better..Emirates rated the best service to me till this date..If any of you are looking for an international journey,pick it..

Scene 5 : Last Supper

I was declined to some degree with my eyes closed,soon started to hear a tickling sound..then it sounder More !! Soon I opened my eyes and realized that everyone was ejecting their food pans,getting ready for food.
The menu was as follows :
Chicken Chettinad with Basmati rice along with some vegetables.
Then some veg item,since Iam  a pure Non-veg,I didn't mind even looking at
Then Parsley along with Mustard Chicken.

I chose the 3rd one,I was sure that Nila too would have opted for it,because both of us have just heard about it...I had no idea ..but unfortunately that wasn't available..I went on choosing the first one Mr.Chettinad.After receiving it I slowly took a look on each and everything..I fact a great SMILE..(background music would be the sound of a cock COCK KO KO KOOOO !!! LOL....hahahaaaa

With that smile I started to open the foil in which the Chettinad chicken and Basmati rice was.
Incident:Aircraft got shaked ..
My mind:Ohh !! Ah ! turbulence..
Incident: Continuously shaking..
My mind:Ohhhh !! God..Hope it stops soon...
Incident:Kept on shaking very badly,in a very scary way...Lights started blinking with a beep sound..on off on off On Off ON OFF..
My mind:looked at others face,they too had same reaction as mine(looking others face) with their mouths open.I saw a guy eating very quickly..he must have thought"anyway iam gonna die,then let me die with full stomach)LOL Seeing this even I opened my pack quickly..SOON the whole plate slided away from my table pan,but "How will I allow my Last supper to fall down ??? heheee"My eyes were powerful to bring that plate back to my table ...I started eating..soon after I tasted it I was almost sure that It was my last supper and this Aircraft would fall within no time..because the food tasted DAMN SUPERB !! I thought God gave me a good thing before my death..
While Having the food a lot of things came to my mind...Off course Nilaaaa..
Nila :My parents is there for her..she wouldn't be alone and she is a strong girl enough to overcome my death..
Dad n Mom :With great difficulty they made this money for sending me abroad and their love on me..My mind said:Emirates and the Government would pay compensation for my death and Love on me would be less because I have been a huge loss and a useless to them for the past couple of years..But that isn't the fact they love me soo much,but my mind sounded that way ,may be to calm myself..
My Bros :nothing ...they will definitely cry,but they will overcome...they will miss me soo much..
Then I thought "Ohh God !! My friends bro would be waiting in Airport to receive me"what news is he gonna get?" Ohh..GOD... Suddenly a female crew fell down...they ran to their seat and got buckled...What more ?? Complete Silence !! SILENCE !!
The altitude was being varied very fast...I could feel my heart in my mouth,many times...LOL
Soon,an announcement from the driver Captain AHMED !! My mind guessed :Is that an emergency landing ?? Is that a crash land ?? Is it gonna be a ditch in the sea ?? SHIT !! Or Will he ask us to say our last he call upon anyone to recite it?? hahahaaaaaaaaa
It was that we would reach Dubai in 10 minutes...Ahhhh..
My mind:not falling ??hmmm,Emirates right ?? Very less chances for it to fall down..
Mr.Ahmed..thanks a lot !! You were so skilled..A SALUTE !!

Soon the aircraft landed,and everyone got off...I forgot to take that book which i was reading !!
That book is still in my mind..definitely I will get that book some how...(WHAT ??..ROBBER ?? ME ??) Take this..if u did !!

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