Monday, 27 August 2012

Love ?? Learn it from BoBo !!


BoBo opened his eyes hearing this..
Me and BoBo reached my home land two weeks back for our vacation..

Hearing this up from his bed and headed straight to the kitchen and asked my mom whether it's chicken for the breakfast..and came to know it was egg for the breakfast..


After hearing it again BoBo headed staight to backyard to see the chickens playing ..BoBo was so happy to see them playing and BoBo too joined them soon.I saw him being very excited to play with the chickens and I got back to the house..

It was BoBo's scream and I rushed to the backyard to see BoBo running from one side and a huge hen chasing him..As soon as BoBo saw me,he climbed upon me..

BoBo     : RUNNN..Save me from this Giant is chasing me ..

Me         :Why is that hen chasing you ?? What did you do to it ??

BoBo      :I did nothing I just tried catching a running ball..Soon this fat chicken saying Kokokokooo came flying near me and made me ran for my life..

Me          :Which ball ??

BoBo       :See...There it is...

Me          : Hahahahaaaaaaaa...this was the ball which BoBo said..

Me        :BoBo,you tried to grab its kid..and it's not a ball..

BoBo     :Ohh..I didn't know that..Don't worry I will be nice to them.I will forgive that chicken since  it didn't know that I was a Super Ero..

BoBo,soon got some grains for them and got into their company..BoBo was enjoying a lot with them.Everyday soon after waking up he would run to the backyard to play with them.BoBo was too busy in spending time with them and he couldn't even think about spending a second without them.He would feed them all the time and I was surprised to see the kind of bond they had between them.I even saw BoBo sitting on a chicken and was riding it like a horse !! BoBo turned into a Cow BoY !! BoBo fed them in such a awy that all the chicken started growing more fat and it was really quick.Each morning he would run screaming "UNCLE" to the backyard.And this is his uncle..Mr.Uncle Juno..

I was sipping my hot coffee near the backyard and I saw BoBo running to the backyard screaming UNCLE......and what surprised me was,I heard another voice screaming BoBooooooo...and it was Uncle Juno on the other side running towards him..I was damn surprised and my eyes got filled seeing there Love..And I said 'Every mothers should be like him".It was the first time I saw BoBo getting so affectionate..and really that sight was so pleasing..BoBo stretching his arms wide open and Uncle Juno stretched his wings to hug each other.HUG....Then what I heard was BoBo crying and Uncle Juno lying down beside him..
Do you all know what happened ? 
BoBo's love hug went a little too hard so that Uncle Juno couldn't breathe.Hence Uncle Juno passed away.BoBo was crying so badly and it was a great emotional tragedy..
BoBo consoled all the other chickens...I was really sad to see Bobo crying..BoBo was totally wrecked !! But next day morning I saw BoBo feeding all the chickens ...But he was soo gloomy..
Gradually BoBo overcame that tragedy as days passed.BoBo was so caring to the chickens and they both loved each other so well..

BoBo was back on track very soon....I was sad that my leave was getting over and had to get back to work very soon.But BoBo was so happy to return back..

Me     :BoBo,You seem to be happy in returning back..Aren't you sad about leaving the chickens ?

BoBo  :I will definitely take care of them..But I won't say how..

BoBo cetainly had some plans with the chicken and I was very sure that he couldn't go without them..Several questions popped in my mind..Whether he will take all the chickens with him in plane to abroad ?? or will he parcel them all ??

No idea,but BoBo had a plan for sure..

Tomorrow Morning we have to leave..Me and BoBo packed our bags for the next day.I still had no clue about the chickens..I soon left to meet some of my old friends and relatives and came back at night..
When I came back home..It was a feast prepared for the dinner,for BoBo !! 
It was like a Buffet !! And I was stunned to SEE ...........

BoBo was eating it by enjoying each bite...mmmmmmmmm wow !! This was his reaction..
All these items now seen on the plate were those who were in the backyard playing all these days with BoBo..
And BoBo enjoying having it !!! Had no clue what happened and How was this possible for BoBo ???

BoBo    :Hey..don't look at those and drop water off your mouth,my tummy will get upset..come and grab a leg..

Me      :BoBo,these are those from our backyard !!

BoBo   :Yes,You teaching me ?? I fed them and made them so fat for this day !! WoW Mega dinner !! See their legs..mmmmmmm huge and tastyy..They were so thin when I came and wouldn't have been tasty if cooked in that condition..Now they see how smart they are on the plate...

Me       :Then why did you cry when Uncle Juno died ??

BoBo   :Don't remind me that,even now it hurts....How can I afford the loss of Uncle Juno who had 4.5 kg..He had firm legs and I was planning him as my Trump card for today's dinner..I missed him early ..I missed his legs... ohHHH..I can't bear it..I fed him so well and he piled up 3 kgs in no time and died without seeing my stomach..
Me      :BoBOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What will I say ?? I was once wrongly amazed seeing their love and even my eyes got filled seeing their Love.And I remarked his love as an example for all mothers.I take everything back !!..How much I got tensed to console BoBo thinking that he loved Uncle Juno..Where he was crying for the loss of uncle's leg and 4.5 kg meat...And all the chickens here now represent each item now on the table..Chicken fry,tandoori chicken,Chilly chicken,Chicken curry..etc..
I didn't eat my dinner,to be precise I didn't feel to eat it...

He had packed the pic of Uncle Juno's to keep at his home,to remember his 4.5 kg loss..even during sleep he murmurs..Miss you Uncle..Miss you..

BoBo slept on the dining table itself,he couldn't move even an inch after having all those..still he holds a bone leg piece in his hand..And guess who's it was..It was of the giant hen that chased him !

Is it me who went Nuts or is it BoBo who has to be treated soon ?? Sorry I misunderstood his hunger as Love !!

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