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The Seasons of Mohanan's Life !! (Updated)

Oh God !! Tomorrow Morning I will get my results..Please somehow pass me to grade 7.I have come all long this way walking because I know you will definitely help me.Without you I wouldn't have passed my 5th grade.

This was Mohanan's prayer to God.Hope he must have sent a vivid description of his request to God.Next day it was all smiles for Mohanan,he passed his grade 6 and is moving to the next grade.

Mohanan belongs to a very poor family.Mohanan's dad passed away when he was at the age of 3.He hardly remembers him,but loves him a lot.His dad worked in Singapore and was quiet wealthy.But soon after Mohanan lost his dad,the family wrecked.Mohanan have two elder brothers.His 1st elder brother is 20 years elder to him and he is in Dubai and his 2nd elder brother is 10 years elder to him.His mom works in a coir factory and she is so beloved to him.

Even though the background music during the introduction of his family was sad,Mohanan was a very active kid.Mohanan has got his school athletic meet tomorrow and he is waiting for him mom to arrive from work.By the time Mohanan plucked flowers for God and prayed at the right time.
Mohanan started waiting again for his mom and he is feeling very hungry too.Not too late,his mom arrived soon and started preparing food for the dinner.Mohanan fell asleep by the time......
After he woke up next day morning,he asked about whether he had dinner last night or not.His mom said that she gave him food while he was asleep.
This was what happened to Mohanan most days in his life.Every day he fell asleep before the dinner was made.He had food only once in a day and that too without his knowing while in sleep.He wouldn't be remembering the taste of the food,mostly he wouldn't even remember having food.

Mohanan got ready for his school and remember it's his school athletic meet today.

Mohanan started to school from his home.He is walking bare footed all long to his school which is 4 km from his home.As soon as Mohanan reached the school he went to the roadside tap and drank stomach full of water.Mohanan is now getting ready for his 100 m race...Mohanan has got a secret,he knows that he don't have the energy to run.From the nearby tree he plucked a handful of pepper balls.Just getting on mark for the race Mohanan put the entire pepper balls and chewed it.
UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF !! Mohanan Ran .. In fact he was flying !!! No doubt ,Mohanan won the race by a huge margin.May be Usain Bolt could have lost in this match to Mohanan.Mohanan was running in fire,And I'm sure Mohanan would had smoke over all his holes.heheheee.Mohanan got a big steel tumbler as gift which his mom took to buy Milk next day Morning !! hehee

Mohanan had a great collection of dresses.Each day he would wear each colour and his friends were amazed by Mohanan's collections.There was a secret behind these collections.hehee
Mohanan had different colour powders with him.Each day soon after coming from his school he would immerse his shirt in a bucket of hot water mixed with a particular colour.Similarly yellow,blue,green,red,black,white,pink,violet etc shirts were born.Once Mohanan was caught by a friend when he pointed out Mohanan's collar where it was discoloured a little.But he didn't make fun or said to anyone else because he knew that Mohanan was from a very poor family.
 Whenever his 1st elder brother arrives from Dubai he would bring slippers for Mohanan,but his sister in law always took it for her use and say that he had never worn slippers and he always walk barefooted,So that he had no use with it.Mohanan wouldn't go for any argument.

Mohanan would get some pocket money when he cleans his brothers taxi vehicle.With that money Mohanan would go straight to film theater to catch a glimpse of his favourite star.Mohanan had a huge interest in movies,he wouldn't miss any of them.

Today this evening Mohanan is praying his same usual prayers,but this time he is giving a vivid description about helping him pass through his 9th Grade.As usual it was all smiles next day morning.Yes,Mohanan is now in 10th std.By now his 2nd elder brother too went abroad.Mohanan still had his great collections.To his collections his elder bro gave some of his old dresses.With that one shirt of his elder bro,he could stitch a trouser too for him..heheee..because it was too huge for him.

Mohanan had a special affection with the mango and Jack fruit around his house,because those filled his stomach many times.His favourites were having Raw mango with salt and honey Jack fruit.Mohanan is a great lover of food and likes all kind of foods,but except one food !!!
MUSHROOMS !! Whenever Mohanan thinks about Mushrooms,a horror background music of late 80's comes in his mind.Ahhh..it's a story !!

This happened when he was 6 year old.Mushrooms are those which grow anywhere where there is a touch of water content.Along with Mohanan there were another 2 children.They plucked mushrooms from ground and ate it raw.Two of them fell unconscious and one started vomiting.
His 2nd elder bro took him and ran nearly 3 km to the near by hospital,he got no vehicle on the way.His bro carried him all the way crying for his younger bro's life.The one who fell unconscious with Mohanan was declared dead on food poisoning.Mohanan had a very close save.From that day if he see mushrooms,he would be like a bull seeing a red colour.

Mohanan,even though belonged to a very poor family always kept his family background hidden from his school mates.In school,during his lunch breaks whenever friends ask him to have lunch with them,Mohanan always replied to them that he would have from canteen and go outside the class.He goes straight to the roadside tap and have stomach full of water and washes his face.Standing near the tap Mohanan always looked at the college next to his college compound and he wished one day he too would reach that college.From tap Mohanan goes straight under a tree where very less people come,standing there he would apply talcum power on his face and style his hair.

Mohanan is fresh,stomach full,energetic and handsome..right ??

Now,again Mohanan is praying...tomorrow morning his 10th results would come..
"Dear God,tomorrow my results would come,I know this time I would never make it to the next grade.I'm not going to ask my God to help me this time.I came here to thank my God for helping me all these years.Here after I don't think so that I would be able to continue my studies.But It's a miracle that I reached at least 10th grade.Thanks a lot my God.Give me the strength to overcome everything."Mohanan's 10th grade Notebooks were the same he used in 9th grade and his entire 10th grade notes were written on the space which we leave above and below each page.

His results too weren't that surprising.Yes,Mohanan didn't make it this time.He Failed !!
His elder bro asked him to come to Dubai for work.First thing that come to his mind was about his mom.Even though she had 3 sons,Mohanan was the only one who have always been with her.Rest two brothers were married and had their family to look after.With great pain Mohanan decided to go to Dubai.He was only 16 at that time,he had to increase 2 years in his passport to get through work permit.With great pain,Mohanan departed to Dubai..

At the age of 16,what Mohanan had to go through wasn't easy at all.Mohanan had to carry pipes and metals in a place which was 90% desert once and temperature touching 50 degree Centigrade.Mohanan started earning and would send money to his mother.It was only after coming to Dubai,Mohanan started having lunch.Mohanan developed an interest in building a good body before he go and meet his mom after 2 years.As part of that Mohanan decided to join Karate classes along with his friends.But Mohanan always got late for his Karate classes because his work would end only by the time the classes start.As the initial in karate was to get a firm palm,so he had to press his hands into hot mud.His friends too had the same step.But 1 week later his friends started punching on the Boxing bag and Mohanan was asked to continue on mud.When Mohanan enquired why he wasn't moved to the next level,his master replied that you were late to the classes daily..Similarly he continued this for a month,still he got no chance to the boxing bag.Mohanan stopped his karate classes after getting annoyed with his master and decided to exercise by his own.As a result Mohanan started lifting Gas cylinder daily morning and he succeeded in getting a firm shoulders,hands and legs.

Mohanan started earning and the tough times were getting over.Mohanan was taught mechanics by his senior colleagues and soon Mohanan was promoted as a Mechanic.Mohanan was a brilliant mechanic.Mohanan's life has changed a lot by then.When he reached the age of 27,it was wedding bells for Mohanan.Mohanan was gifted with an Angel..Mohanan then never had to look back in his life,as Mohanan always say "It must be because of the good things I did in my past life,I was gifted an Angel."

When It comes down to describing Mohanan's character,he has the lightest heart in this world.He is a man who forgives anyone very soon.And the love he holds for everyone is immense.What ever love Mohanan shows would be just 10% of his love in his heart.A very sensitive,lovely,caring,
friendly and a man with a smile always.In short A River of Love !!

Hello !!! Don't be so pleased...He has got another face too..."Terror" even that word would be small in front of him."Anger" is the only problem Mohanan has got.When he gets angry it's like Elephant in a sugarcane field.Mohanan isn't short tempered but at times YES !! Mohanan always say about his wife "If it was some other woman in his wife's place,she would have fled long back".But his wife knew him very well and the bond they had is tremendous,except his anger..heheee.There love is a real treat to watch..His wife gets up early in the morning,takes bath and pray first.Soon she will wake up Mohanan to take bath and go for work.By the time Mohanan wakes up from his bed his oil would be kept ready..tooth brush would be ready with paste on it...hot water would be ready with shaving racer in it..When he gets into the bathroom..she would arrange his dresses kept ready on the bed and start making black tea and breakfast for him.Mohanan after taking bath would go straight to prayer room.When he enters his dressing room,hot black tea would be ready.Mohanan after having the tea would start getting ready and styles himself well.After almost getting ready he would call his wife,to put his socks on.Soon after putting socks for him,she would go and polish his shoes and place them near the door.Soon Mohanan would come out of the dressing room ready and gets into the prayer room and does a small prayer again.When he steps out of his home there is a mosque near by,he would look at the mosque and pray for a minute.After that his wife would handover the breakfast packed in a tiffin.She will wait at the doorstep till he reaches the stairs..Before passing by,they would show "Tata"..His wife then would straight go to the window to see him..Mohanan would start his vehicle and before going another "Tata" would be shared...

Season 2

Mohanan's wife came to Dubai 4 years after their marriage.Those 4 years were so vital in Mohanan's life. 

Mohanan had the best days of his life after marriage.They used to go for watching films regularly,almost everyday.The ride they had together on the bike with his wife hugging him still remains as one of his best nostalgic feelings.Once Mohanan and his wife decided to take his mother along with them for a movie.When they reached the theater they realized the film which they planned to watch had changed and it was a new film running there.Mohanan took tickets for that movie and  they sat down ,as the movie Started !!.40 minutes later Mohanan along with his mother and wife was sitting at their home with their heads down having dinner.What happened 45 minutes back ??Mohanan and his wife planned to take his mother for a family movie.But would anyone take their parents for an 18+(A) family oriented movie ??But they didn't know the fact that it was an adult movie..The movie started..3 minutes of introduction notes...After 10 minutes Actions started...There eyes got Bulged and mouth OPEN...5 minutes later things got WORST...2 minutes later they got in their car...In 10 minutes they reached home..10 minutes later they were having dinner with their heads down..From the moment they got in car to return back from the theater till the end of the night.......the atmosphere was of an Award movie....Complete SILENCE....Reminding you all that it was the first time Mohanan's mother went to a theater for watching a movie.

Mohanan left back to Dubai after his 2 months leave..Mohanan and his wife lived on letters thereafter.They were sending letters very frequently as a Taj Mahal was built through their letters.After a month Mohanan received a letter which bulged his eyes out !! This time it was due to happiness because Mohanan was going to be a Dad !! Mohanan was the happiest person on earth and their dreams on the kid continued through letters..10 months later Mohanan visited one of his relative's home in Dubai along with his friends.When Mohanan walked in ,the relative turned his head away in anger.When Mohanan enquired about his anger,he stared at him angrily.
When Mohanan's friends asked the relative the reason for his anger on Mohanan,the relative replied "This guy,till now he didn't inform me that he was blessed with a baby boy last week" Mohanan was shocked in hearing this !! Mohanan asked him to repeat what he said again..
Seeing Mohanan's reaction his friends asked whether he didn't know about this..Mohanan replied "I never knew about this and no one informed me"Mohanan,after a minute started enquiring eagerly about his baby boy..Those days it was very expensive to make an International phone call.Mohanan rang his 2 brother in laws and said that he just now came to know that he became a dad.They didn't have an answer to Mohanan's question on why didn't they inform him.They too felt disappointed on it..

Mohanan was very eager to see his son,but he had to wait another 2 more years to get a leave from his company.Mohanan was counting his days for 2 years..One week before his scheduled leave,the workshop in which Mohanan worked was caught in fire.Mohanan was returning after having his lunch to the workshop when he saw his workshop in fire.As soon when the police arrived they saw only Mohanan infront the workshop and he was taken into custody.Mohanan cried pleading not guilty to the offense for which he was suspected.One week later it was reported that the fire was caught due to Short Circuit.Mohanan was freed by his company owner Bhatia after 7 days..Bhatia was hurted over this because his innocent employee had to suffer for 7 days in jail.As soon Mohanan was freed from jail ,he put down his resignation letter stating that he wanted to go back to his homeland as soon as possible to be with his wife and his 2 and half year old kid whom he has never seen yet.Mohanan said Bhatia that he is very scared to be in this country again where he was almost punished.Bhatia was a great person with a heart.Bhatia wanted to compensate for Mohanan's suffering.As a result Bhatia asked Mohanan to bring his wife and kid to Dubai.The company helped Mohanan in getting a family status inorder to bring his family to Dubai.Inorder to get a family status one must have AED 3000 and above where Mohanan had only 740 AED.Bhatia helped Mohanan as a compensation for everything.Rest of the things happened like watching a 100 m race.Everything happened in a jiffy.Within next 3 months Mohanan's wife and kid arrived at Dubai..Mohanan couldn't control his tears with joy..Mohanan's joy when he saw his wife and kid can never be explained through words.Those were really beyond words !! Mohanan hugged his wife and kid and raised his hands calling his son..but his 3 year old son turned back..Mohanan knew he turned back because it was the first time that his son saw his father..Yes his kid was fat,chubby and Super cute with curly hairs..

Mohanan a very strong devotee of God believed those 7 worst days in jail was for a very long smile in future.This is how Mohanan say to those who are on the suffering side "If you are suffering at present,it is for a longer smile in future..So you are lucky to be on the suffering side because your long happy days are nearing".

To be continued...

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