Friday, 10 August 2012

Dear Sisters......from your loving Brother !!

Dear Sisters,

Since last decade,women,especially young girls all over the world have been harassed through the Internet and hundreds of suicides have led way for it. I do not want this article to sound like a cliche.So,I would like to speak through this article ,as talking to my sister.
How ??
It's been very natural that girls and lads get into relationships.Some relation may sustain life long and others may get broken down in the midway.
To be very Precise 
When being in a relationship,boys and girls do take snaps of each other.There are also occasions where the girls send their sexy pics,nude pics to their boy friends.Video chats through Skype,Yahoo etc can be recorded and are quite evident from hundreds of MMS Scandals that are easily available through sex sites.
Photos,videos that are sent to your lads do not have any guarantee that it won't get uploaded in such sites.When relationships broke,lads may upload these on net as a revenge.We all trust in our relationships,but still the risks are pretty high.
How ??
The pics sent to the lads will be saved in their laptop,desktop,mobile etc.In case of any problem to any of these devices will end up in repair shops.Even if these photos and videos are deleted before submitting it for repair,the repairing fellow can easily recover these photos and videos very easily using a recovery software.You can google about "Recovery Softwares" to know more about it.
Deleted files from hard disks,memory cards can easily be recovered using this recovery software.
When these files are recovered,I need not explain much on the risks that is going to happen further.This is also applicable to the digital camera's you use to take pics.You may click hundreds of your vacation snaps and that may include your Hot pics over it.Before submitting it to the studio you may delete those pics.But even after doing so ,the studio fellows can recover it using the same procedure mentioned above.This nearly means that you can never click a "Hot pic" from your camera,because anytime when given it to the studio,they would be able to recover it.
Hence those things which you would have taken for your lovers would end up seen by millions of other people.A second of fun can result in the end of your/sisters/wife's LIFE.

This happens not only to young girls but also to grown up couples who film their sex session for fun.The risks involved in this very private fun are the chances of it being Public.The after effects of these can be known if you think about this for a moment,because life as a fugitive being pessimistic and to handle those people who envy your feelings are not very easy.Sadly,that's the reason why people end their lives at a very good age.

Please think about this for a moment,I do not want your sister/daughter/wife/grand daughter/friend or anyone to become a victim of this.Most of them are not aware of the risks they are falling into.They may fall prey to this malicious activity of sex addicted fraternity.This can not only save your sister/daughter/wife/friends,but your parents too..We all would love to see them with their smile ON !! .If you have a sister/friend or anyone,Please do share and spread this awareness before things get tardy.

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