Friday, 7 September 2012

A Wait at the Doorstep..

On a very fine evening, just after the prayer,warden came to the prayer hall to announce that we would be having a guest to our Old Age Home on the very next morning.His name is Ajay..age:23.No other details of him was explained there.We 63 old ladies are resided in this Old Age Home and it's the first time we are having a guest who is going to stay here for more than a day.We discussed among others and our warden about the facilities to be arranged for him.We had only one condition for him to follow,that was our daily wake up at morning 5'o clock,take bath and followed by breakfast and prayer.We prepared a time table for him to follow our routine.

Next day morning

After our prayers,we all used to sit quiet for some time,gathering all our past memories..Some used to cry..some sat without any expressions.This was the time when Ajay arrived..And we were surprised to see him in this way !! A shirt which had the picture of a women in bikini with the background of a beach, A small hat ,A cargo shorts, a casual shoes untied with an ankle socks in it. He was having a huge backpack on his shoulders.He seemed like a tourist visiting a beach...
He looked at us from one side to other side and said : What the fuck !! We all were shocked to see his expression and his WORD !..After a 5 second pause he said..

Ajay          :- Where the hell am I standing ?? On a graveyard ?? Or a school with all chicks wearing uniforms ??

One of us  :-Dear son,this is an Old Age home..we live here on prayers and does some small works here.We lead a peaceful life here.

Ajay          :-Hey Old babe !! What's your name ??

We were stunned to the core whenever he opened his mouth.

One of us  :- My name is Suzzane.

Ajay          :-Listen Suzy baby !! I'm not surprised why you got kicked out by your children..If you wanted to pray and lead a peaceful life,why didn't you decide to be a Saint ?? This is a home for Old babes..Oh Goddddd !!

Many of us had our mouths open.For a moment I thought in my mind about my daily make us stay away from devils..But at this moment I felt that a devil had once again taken charge in my life.Next was my turn to give him the time table and I submitted it with a slight fear because I had no idea what's next coming from his mouth !! Gaining some strength from God I gave him the time table.

Ajay         :-Thanks Baby !! That must be a greetings right ?? 

After opening the chart,he paused for a second and tore it into two..and said "Baby can you direct me to my room,please..
I thanked God for a second and guided him to the room.He was happy with the room.And he asked me to call everyone to gather in a hall.

Ajay          :-Hey,how did you come's a place only for babe's of above 60..And you look like a 40 year old cutie.

I touched the ceiling for a moment..hahahaaa..At this age,to hear a comment like that was a special feeling..Got Goosebumps !!

We all gathered in a hall and he arrived wearing a T-shirt and a 3/4th shorts..Thank God ! atleast now he looks like he is in home.We all felt like we were in a school waiting for the tough heart principal !! He came and took a very close look on each of us and saw him making some note.
He left soon after making a note on each one of us and we all headed for our breakfast session.
After 3 hours..we heard the noise of our gate..It had a very creepy noise.When we checked at the doorstep,it was Ajay who opened the both doors of the gate very wide.The security got irritated and had a talk with him,but Ajay walked in as he never saw that security.As he got into the home,he called us to the hall.. From there on it was a dream for us.

Ajay        :- Sexy Babes !! I have got an announcement for you all..The days you lived as saints are all it's my Rules here !! Babe's first of all there are no more uniforms..Next,there are no routines to be followed here..This is a Home,not a hostel or a convent !! No bloody routines..All these days,you all followed this routine and lead a life like dead bodies.When the whole world including your children is enjoying outside,you all shouldn't spend your life inside these 4 walls.New Rule and New Life !! No one is going to wake up early morning..Sleep till 10,breakfast is not in dining room,but in our television room..No holy channels !! Only Music Channels..And he ran outside and called us..

Ajay        :- Hey Babes !!! Come to daddy !! 

When we got out,we saw a huge collection of modern costumes..he started calling out each names.
Mariya,was asked to change her hair style,polish her nails...along with a sleeveless top and a skirt.Suzzane was given a beauty kit,hair colour and a western costume.I got a pair of sexy costumes,I had no idea about it's name.Ajay asked everyone to say goodbye to their old uniforms forever.He asked us to run to our room and start getting our new looks.He came in and took care of the hair colours that Michelle was told to do,helped them in dressing,nail polishing,curling hair,manicure and pedicure etc..He was running here and there..

I must say that in just few hours,he made us forget that we are staying in an Old Age Home..Ajay who came in as a devil,was our Angel..He just flipped our life like anything..Everyone of us was in a spirit of an adventurous picnic.We were so surprised to see us very beautiful..As Ajay said..

Ajay       :-Oh,my God !! You all look gorgeous..I fear that I have to sponsor everyone's "date" in a short time..Babes,Let's go out and smoke off some hot men !!

Ajay,took us out ..He made us feel like we were out for a high school picnic.Everyone forgot their age and their health.The most memorable day was the day he took us to a beach and made all of us wear Bikini's..We all flaunted that day !!! He took us out like his babes !! I'm also getting the touch of his slang of talking.In two days,he changed us entirely and we all were like him.Not only me,everyone talked the way as he did..

Suzzane     :-Hey Smart ass !! How do I look ?? LOL

Ajay          :-Baby !! look hot !

Mariya     :- Hey hot boy.Wassup !! (pinched on Ajay's butt) take us to a nightclub !!

Ajay          :-My bitch !! Your son may flirt with you tonight !! lol

Each morning we wakes up hearing the creepy sound of our gates and followed by the security shouting !! Ajay come up with some plans for the day and take all of us out..Each morning as soon as we hear the creepy gate noise,we would rush to the door step..He always left the Home very early to make arrangements for our day and always came in opening the gates very wide and calls us "Hey Sexy Oldies" hahahaaa...
He took us to a different world !!! But after 6 days of fun,we had to face that last day with tears,as he had to leave abroad for his job.We never could imagine a day without him.We all saw him not like a son,but as a lover..Ajay too was very sad that day !! I went near him that night and said..

Me          :- We all felt this as a re-birth..We dream a lot now..but all those dreams have you in it.There is no dream for us without you.
Ajay replied with the most beautiful words that they still remain in my ears..

Ajay       :- This is a re-birth for you all as well as me too.
In this life, "You all are born to dream and I'm born to make your dreams come true...."
Next day we gave him a sent off at the door step,we all kissed tears..He said that after leaving this place,he won't call or have any contacts for a while because he may break down..
He walked to the gate...for the first time,he looked at the security with a smile..The security was in tears and shouted at him "WHEN WOULD YOU COME IN AGAIN OPENING THIS GATE WIDE OPEN ??" Ajay hugged him... And we all watched him passing through the gate and he went...
It was after he left,we all realized that we didn't know anything about him..Just his name and his age..We never got a time to ask about him these days..But he knew each one of us very well.Only it was our warden who knew about him and we were stunned to know about him.

Ajay was the only son of his very rich parents..He reached to our Home Age after the cremation of his parents that was held on the previous evening.It was an accident.From there he decided to be with us for a week and the very next morning he came to us making all of us smile..It was Ajay's dream to make us all happy and to provide a glimpse of love which we missed from our children.It's been 2 years since we have been waiting for him.We believe one day he would widely open that creepy gate and call us loudly "Hey Sexy Oldies..come to Daddy !!"

(Warden :They are still waiting for him to come opening that gate..But they don't know that he would never come back again.He died in an accident in USA,just a week after he left this Old Age home..Before he died he whispered "Do not let them know this,I will surprise them.I'm going to make my babes dream come true."

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