Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Live ! From the other side of World !!

Hey Folks,

              It´s been a while since I have performed the act as a blogger. Many of us must have got into decisive situations by now, many of them must have come out of their comfort zone and definitely a portion of them are still living happily.

To me, the world has changed. Don´t wanna bore you people out being philosophical but definitely I would want to act as a Grown Up :P . So I would get things in short:-

My friendship fraternity remains still a small one on which I´m extremely happy. Many of my friends have got married and may God Bless them with all happiness and all fun elements of life. This is not how I say when I talk to my close friend. :)) . 

Now finally on me, yeah Me !! . I earlier said that the world has changed to me. I´m in a different continent with different people eating different styles of foods ,talking a different language and living with a different life style. Except my parents, brothers, friends and a few loving ones, I ain´t missing anything. It indeed is a surprise to me, a place where I had born and brought up is no longer to my interests. Plenty of stuffs to write but I do not want to stuff all together , would cut into pieces and present it with all the garnishings. By Garnishing I didn´t mean that I would Bluff as some of you must have thought ;)

Since it´s a renovated life, would keep posting about interesting stuffs that I pass through my daily life and my daily learnings. 

Ah ?? Are you saying that I would appear only next year ?? Come on dudes wish me to stay here blogging even if you guys don´t need me to. But I´m happy that you guys are sure that I would atleast be back next year where I´m not even sure about you guys being alive to read my next post by tomorrow !! That was strictly meant for fun, idiots !! And please do not look at the third pic below. :))

Enjoy your day with a smile and share it among others !!

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