Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Beauty called ``India´´

I´m an Indian. Never felt bad about it neither proud because there are places better and worse than India. Being in Brazil over a year, it´s just one Indian that I met but met hundreds of people who talked about India, who asked about India, who loved to hear about India, who wants to see India, who loves India and who loves Indians.

The respect, attention, love, caring, helps etc everything I´m recieveing from the people here makes me feel proud about my nation India. I knew bits and pieces about India but never saw the beauty or the importance in it, the interests of the people out here helped me in realizing the value of India.

I have never heard about a place other than India which is stuffed with strong culture and traditions. Right from the north to south, you could pass through different cultures, traditions and foods. A place or the only place in the world where no religion represents the country.
Apart from the interest of seeing my parents, I have decided to travel across India as much as places in 30 days. The plan starts from the south of India called Kerala or ``God´s Own Country´´ where I´m resided. 

Kerala : God´s Own Country

As the name represents, it´s truly the God´s paradise. It´s natural beauty is beyond words.
The first thing that I love in Kerala/ southern India are the temples, no where else I have felt my soul being blesssed. No matter whether it´s morning or evening, the moment the prayer starts you can feel your heart and mind in peace and it´s just your soul in front of God. You feel all the safety, courage and determination during the prayer.
  It´s really a struggle to bring those feelings on the words I write.

Then comes the Food, the place where the term spicy is at the peak. It´s definitely gonna be a struggle for a foreigner if he choose to have the tradiotional foods. Most of my friends have claimed that the foods are wonderful but the spice takes a ride on their intestines for 2 days.
The best place in the world to relax and rejuvenation. Kerala, being my native place I never liked it, it´s just because of the people here. Place is termed as God´s own country but Devil´s own people reside here. This doesn´t mean that all are bad, there are gem of people here ,who would even give their life if necessary to make you happy, but they are very few. Only this drawback makes me live off Kerala. Overall a must visit place for nature lovers.

Note:- There is a place called Kanyakumari placed right at the tip of southern India, I have been to this place thrice and have witnessed that rare moment where the sun rises and sets on the same place or direction. I guess it´s the only place in the world where you can see this spectacular sight.


A very beautiful metropolitan city which is my favorite in India. A place where you can live peacefully and enjoy to the maximum. This was the place where I completed my graduation. I´m so eager to visit this place just to relaod my wardrobe because this place have got many factory outlets where you can buy costumes for a cheap price. It functions this way: Buy 3 Get 4 free, how does this sound to you all ?? Brands include Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Peter England and many more. That´s gonna be my first work in Bangalore and definitely the foods out there, where Marathahalli being one of my picks , Tandoori Point, Biryani Day etc are the place where I wish to reside. I´m a huge fan of foods, there are days where I woke up late and went to have food even without brushing my teeth. Bangalore is incomplete without M.G.Road, you can purchase a lot of accessories there, the pups are one of the highlights out there.The only drawback of this place would be on bargaining with the rickshaw driver. Overall a beautiful and a must visit place to reload your wardrobe.


I have never been to this place before, but I have heard a lot from movies as well as from friends. The Golden temple would be my first priority in Amritsar, it´s beauty is beyond words and I can´t wait to witness it with my naked eye.

 Then definitely you all can guess what´s gonna be my next priority, the foods. The Punjabi foods are so awesome that you would never forget after having it once. The Punjabi foods even holds a great strength to be known as Indian Food around the world and it´s very hard to find a person who haven´t heard about Tandoori Chicken. 

This is the place where I´m gonna add minimum 5 kg in a very few days, I´m gonna have all their lovely foods just like a starving dog. Their Aloo Paratha, Fulka, Lassi, Stuffed Parathas, Butter Chicken, Naan etc, to be frank my mouth is already watering and please forgive me for not adding much more items to the list. 

If luck favors , I would love to take part in a marriage function there. It´s a great tradition that Punjab holds in conducting a marriage where all the people dances, sings etc and so colorful too. The main highlight of this place is the people, they are so lovely and caring, so I rate the people as the highlight that makes Punjab a must visit place.

Agra :

Being one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is the only reason to visit Agra.To be frank I have no knowledge about Agra other than Taj Mahal and I´m yet to witness it´s beauty.


Look at that picture and that´s exactly why I wanted to visit Kashmir. No much knowledge about this place but would love to know more about them.

There are much more beautiful places enriched with their beautiful traditions and culture, their festivals too are notable all over the world. Right now all the above mentioned remains my priority. Enjoy Guys and anyone who would love to accompany me for this journey if you felt interesting could drop me a message. Just one condition : You must be a food lover and that´s compulsory to accompany me. Tchau !!

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