Thursday, 30 October 2014

India´s letter to Yuvraj Singh.

Dear Yuvi,

            Read about you from Wisdom India on October 29th 2014. The last time I felt sad was when Sachin announced his retirement, still I passed through it. But seeing your mindset disappoints me very badly and felt If I don´t raise support for you at this time then it would be a feeling beyond words. The entertainment that you provided us are not something that would be forgotten when seeing you in a bad form. Billions of us are waiting for your return no matter if you scores 0, because by just seeing your name at the middle order satisfies us so much. 

         Remember when your dad took you for a trial to a famous personnel in India and got a result that was disappointing. Remember your dad hearing , this guy has got no element of cricket in him ? No one rated you as a hero when you started playing cricket, no one pushed you ahead of anyone, no one donated their success to you, whatever you gained was the hardwork that you did and the dreams that your parents had in you. Was your path so easy ??
Remember the kind catches you have taken ?? Remember being termed as the best point fielder in the world ?? Remember being a part on the Natwest win with Kaif ?? ( LOL, really Sourav stole the entire incident), Remember thrashing Pakistan along with Dhoni ?? ( It was habit for a long time). Remember 20-20 against Stuart Broad ?? (6-6-6-6-6-6), Remember the World Cup ?? Remember the day you played for Pune after beating Cancer ?? All these were done by you, not by anyone else. We remember each and every moment that we were able to stand with our heads up just because of you. I have screamed in happiness, danced, laughed, enjoyed a lot because you and still it gives me immense pleasure seeing you bat or seeing your big scores on the scorecard. India doesn´t have a player like you to fill at the space that you made at the middle order, now a days players are too fragile with success. They doesn´t have the guts you had. We are always ready to support and cheer each time you come on to bat. You made us happy ´x´number of times playing cricket, but we are also happy each time you smile. Being a die hard fan of yours, it´s just the confidence that´s lacking, when you come on to bat ,it´s only the few inicial balls that shows the current Yuvi, but once a boundary is scored or after scoring 20 runs to be precise, it´s our old Yuvi we always witness and you are no different. No different !! There is no one like you and don´t have a hope to see a player like you at the Indian middle order,it´s just being filled for the time being and these time is for you to get back strongly. 

Remember the mumber of likes and prayers you recieved when you posted your pic while treating Cancer, it wasn´t a happy sight seeing you sick, but you were smiling in that pic. That was a huge relief for us. There are many love and care that you must have seen, but there are so much love that you haven´t seen yet !!

Our prayers will always be there for you, please never feel that you are letting us down each time if you fail because we are supporting a Champion or a Lion to wake up and it´s always a worth to watch. Wake up -- Smash and Raise you bat and Swear Ma-ki when you hit a hundred!! We will celebrate with you !! 

You are a Champion who showed it both in life and cricket. You fought for cricket and you fought for life too.If you feels down, then you are letting us down and leaving us very sad. We billions of us would wait to see you on the field playing like a Lion. There is no one to beat you, no one can !! Arey Bhai, even Cancer lost to you, now what´s bigger than that ?? 

If sun can rise and set down everyday, then you too can rise up each time you fall.

River of Love.

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