Monday, 27 October 2014

Biryani Express

Biryani Express

Biryani,an exotic fragrant dish made from a mixture of spices,long-grained Basmati rice,meat and yogurt.The name is derived from the Farsi word birian.Biryani was a royal dish once served only to the Kings and it's also called "Meal of Kings".The Aroma of the rich spices,meat,rice and all other ingredients while opening the hot Biryani Pot is something infinitely beyond any words reach. 
The right blend of spices is the key to this Exotic Fragrant dish.Similar was the result when two very passionate entrepreneurs Mr.Manish Bhatia and Mr.Amer Qavi shook their hands for a down-to-earth business model,that incorporated a blend of authenticity, technology, hygiene, logistics and above all ,common sense.This led to the birth of "Biryani Express".
Their sheer perseverance brought back the original Exotic Fragrant dish,that were served to the kings,to their kitchen at the Biryani Express.The people based out of UAE have been feeling like a King since February 5 of 2007,the day Biryani Express started their venture.They succeeded in bringing the old Exotic Fragrant biryani to the 21st century with fresh ingredients and biodegradable packing materials along with the introduction of branding, youthfulness, playfulness and hygiene standards that are of top notch.Since then their venture has branched out from retail sales all the way to catering, canteen management and production of private labelled ready-to-eat meals.Biryani Express offers a "Quintessential Biryani Experience"that come complete with appetizers, accompaniments, and deserts.Today 9 varieties of lip-smacking royal biryani's are ruling the UAE food lovers.Biryani Express is a showcase for biryani, a dish that has been treated like no other.The motive here is to apprise the guest of origin,evolution and the history of different varieties of biryani.It's not only the signature biryani's that comes out of the core of Biryani Express,there are Chinese, Italian, Arabic and Indian meals and snacks as well that add beauty and colours to the feather of Biryani Express.The result was simple,yet unique experience, a completely untainted by preconceived notions of the food industry and is well received with both hands by the people from all walks of life.In the context of Sub-continental cuisine,Biryani Express were the first to receive HACCP certification. 

As Mr.Amer Qavi,the co-founder of Biryani Express quoted "You cannot make an entrepreneur but you can home the skills of an entrepreneur."

Lucky people residing in Dubai, looking for the best biryani availabe to celebrate your special occasions , pick up your phone and dial :- 800 Biryani. Iám very eager to know your wonderful experiences ,so please do leave your review here and to their website 

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