Friday, 21 December 2012

Love Dynamics - Lindo's Style !!

Love !! Yea,that's the topic..
The concept which I'm gonna share with you guys is just my view..Only mine,which means not to drag me into debates. :P .There are many things that I love..
I started this week in an awesome way.. As usual I got dressed up and got down the flat.It was Raining..This was the second time,the rain arrived during this winter and I walked through the small drizzles to the metro station.Once when I got down from the metro,the rain was a bit stronger and my mind and heart was "WOW" ...The sun didn't come up that time (6:00 am).I decided to walk on the rain...As I stepped into the rain,the feeling was mind blowing !! I squeezed my mini headset into my ears and started walking ..Mind blowing Rain and Music,the result was Goosebumps !! The feeling was absolutely rocking .. and I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to explain those feelings.. Simply "WOW" !!
Now let's come back to the topic..That's Love !! I believe Love is something that brings smile on everyone's face,atleast in the heart when face is not ready for it. :P.
Love is something that happens between the heart and something we wish to be eternal.Which would you all support ?? .... There are people who loves their partner after taking them through multiple level of ..Age,Nationality,Religion,Caste & obviously sex...All these are really shit according to me.Because to me Love is something that happens mutually between two hearts and no screening happens there..Here the subject is ON for debaters ...Everyone would say that lovers must be united and live together for ever..Why not many people fall in love of the same sex? I do agree that it is happening all over the world,but the percentage when compared to the world,this would be negligible.. why are they tagged under the name as Gays and Lesbians? 
And many so called brilliant people would laugh looking at them .. What's the reason ? What's funny in it ? I will say you all in a very open way,because I believe atleast some of them would agree to me and I hope atleast some of you could stop that habit.. The reason they smile or make fun of is "the way they have sex".Is that the only thing happening between them ?? Bisexual people,who mostly belong to the screening habit ( Not all,but most) are those who don't have 2 legs,but making fun of a person having one leg .. Let me add some more..
Take out the statistics in percent about the divorce cases with the bisexuals..Now let me know about how many divorce news have you heard between gays and lesbians ?
There are bisexual people who consult doctors for not being able to sexually satisfy their partners...Have you heard about this problem among the Gays or Lesbians ??
When both hearts are loving each other and brings the smile,does this sex,nationality,age or religion matters?? Is this the problem of society ?? You all demands freedom from your parents,but why not from the societies way of life ?? 
I'm a person,who is not ready to marry a male .. It's not because of society,but something !! I don't know..
I'm ready to marry a female who is from a different Country,because I can learn and get to know about a different culture..
I'm ready to marry a female regardless of her Age,be it 35 or 45 or 55..because my love will be regardless of maturity..
I'm ready to marry a female of different Religion,because I would be able to know more about another religion and I love it..
If a female comes to me and say that she is happy with me and want to live with me..there is no doubt I would go with her as my life partner,because in this case I don't have to make any adjustments in me,as she loves me as the original version and my duty what I believe is to give her an eternal smile on her face.. I call this feeling as "LOVE"..
There are people who has further advanced screening like beautiful,rich,successful etc etc etc .. Sigh !!
I'm expecting your comments too ..Not as a debate,but as your opinion !


  1. If you follow your bliss, find the path that was always waiting for you, and the life I always wanted to be that you'll live. Follow your happiness without fear, just so doors will open where you never imagined.

  2. Those are great words of boost !! My life is my style,but definitely not for me to enjoy,but certainly to bring smile on others..I like to smile and love seeing others smiling.. :)