Sunday, 9 December 2012

I'm Anjo's only Lindo !!

My dear Folks,

                         Yes,I'm back after a long break and this time there is not gonna be another break ever again.This break which was the longest when compared to the old one is much more bigger because I was seriously thinking about getting back to my blog actively without any break in the future.. Yea seriously ,I took this 44 days thinking about this active comeback .. :P .. What? I'm lying ?? Ohh ! Come on guys ! ... Ok ! I was lying .. but definitely I will be here in the blog actively hereafter...  My last post showed about my Amazing U-turn in my Life,but the changes happened during this 44 days was a Turn for which I don't have an alphabet to mention.If any of you gets an apt one,please let me know it.
I actually started writing this blog as an anonymous writer,but accidentally I shared this with someones and I regard it as one of my biggest mistakes because now I feel that I have lost a certain amount of my freedom in writing.I'm a guy who loves to write things in an open way without adding additives to it,be it good or bad.Definitely I categorize me with a "Bad" tag.Now I feel like I'm shouting my bad's openly in public..(((Never mind ! Who cares ? Ask them to get lost ! No one is better than anyone in this world !))) Now these are the words of my loving ones,which set me going like a bird..  :)) .
I feel my life of this birth has a lot to do with my previous births..a lot ! Sounds Crazy ! but it's true! Check my may feel it too .. May be .. fools excluded ! LOL
Will start from the time I go to bed at night .. that's 1:30 am
Lying on the bed with 3 pillows under my head while hugging another pillow and one between my legs..That's all ! just 5 pillows .. ONLY ! :P
After hugging all these pillows I grab my mobile to set the alarm ..The alarm is set at 3:00 am.. and then I starts sleeping . zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ .The alarm rings at 3:00,I wake up and switches it off and sets the next one at 4:00am and continues my sleep with a sigh and a smile .. At 3:45 another alarm rings..this time it's not the mobile,it's from my laptop ... I jumps out from the bed at a lightning speed because the alarm gets loud after each second,and imagine how it's gonna be when connected to Creative speakers .. Uffff !! Then I sleeps again.. in no time at 4:00 mobile rings..and I switches it off .. at 4:30 laptop rings again.. this time I get up.
Do you guys understand why did I set this much alarms ? When it rings at 3:00,i wakes up to realize that I have got another 1 and half hours left to sleep,so that I continue my sleep happily and gradually 45 minutes left,30 minutes left and mostly I would wake up at 4:28 and wait to wake up the alarm scheduled at 4:30 .. there anyone else who can wake up the alarm ?? That's me !! :P ..After I wake up,I enters into a WORLD which changed my entire life...Soon from that world I would take a break to take bath .As I enter the bathroom I starts shivering,it's bloody damn cold here.. As I strip down one by one,my shivering increases..Then I would open the tap for my bucket to the time I would brush up my teeth .. I said I brush my teeth..I said it twice because here many of them eats biscuits dipping in tea without brushing their teeth .. :P
As the water is filled I look them in a pity way and try poring a cup of water on my feet to measure the range of it's coldness.. Guys it would be like ice !! But since I would want to get back to my WORLD I would never mind the cold !! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... My dove soap would be running all over my body in no time,one reason is due to me hurrying to get back to the world and another reason is that I'm shivering !! As soon as I get out from the bathroom..straight head to the prayer hall,then I get back to my WORLD.. from today onwards I even started to get dressed in that world .. Now I must say something about this world.. this world is which transformed me to "LINDO" ..Yes,my name is "Lindo" now ! The world sets my each day in such a beautiful way !
As I walk to the nearby metro station,it would be only my body that's walking..mind would be in that world and I would be in full smiles :))) ..Then the train arrives,usually I sleep in the train very peacefully like babies in the cradle.But now a days .. You won't believe me .. I read the holy book Bhagavat Gita. A guy like me reading a holy book ???? This is what that even wonders me too! 
But it's very true that I don't sleep these days in the train as I would be sticked to this holy book.Many things gathered to me that even wondered me... I was like a scattered puzzle,but now it seems like it's everything is getting closer and closer.. This is due to the power given by the world ! This world consists of Anjo,Anjinho & the supreme power,that bought Anjo and Anjinho to me..
I'm sure that you guys would never understand the concept of WORLD ! which I would reveal slowly in the future .. This Anjo and Anjinho turned me to the one called "Lindo"..And as Lindo,I'm rocking ! I read holy book Bhagavat Gita during my travel.. And on my short walk from the metro to my office my body would be walking but my soul would be dancing to a superb feel song .. What do a person needs more when feels like to sing and dance?? This is amazing ! And I do not know the reason or have any clue.My office work too goes smoothly,where my World influences a lot during work too..Guess what happened? I got a gift from my manager !! And the most amazing things is ... It was "The Holy Quran".I have no more words to describe the kind of life I'm having right now,because even I don't know.But there is definitely something !!After work,same as usual I get back to the train and continue reading.. When I'm back home I would be very tired.I would have a small bite and head straight to the gym and sweat a lot on treadmill & Cycling followed up by weights .. later come back home,take bath and back to the WORLD !!
In between I talk to my best friend Mr.R ! I have only one friend it's Mr.R ! Mr.R ,if you are reading this a hi5 to you !! This is just the outline of my days and would describe each and everything in detail which I'm sure you guys would get your ribs tickled and I'm sure you could feel the River of Love too .. This is my Style ... Lindo's Style !!


  1. "The miracle of life is to write
    their history making sure that you
    left his biography recorded
    in someone's heart. "

  2. happy that your back and writing again.. waiting to know about your World..

  3. @ Ivana :
    Those are really great words.I hope a heart is recording everything.;)

    @ Anonymous
    I'm glad to know that you are happy in me writing again.My world would be revealed through my later posts.

  4. so when can we expect your post again.. and how are you? and why is there nothing about BOBO.

    1. Hope it would come very soon,my posts are something that happens..regardless of my plans.And i'm going ok,thanks for asking & how's everything going with you?
      When I asked BoBo,he said he is on a rejuvenating process and would come back like an eternal tsunami,hope nothing catastrophic! LOL
      Got a Bubbly touch on these comments .. ;)