Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 - Lindo's Tale !!

2012,marked a very different note on my life and that was also the year that made me think about the last happy phase of my life.2006 was the last time,I went through a happy phase.2012 had a very shaky start,with me banging my laptop,frustrated,crying etc all that happened on the new year eve.2012 also marked an end to my 5 year long love affair.The first two quarters of 2012 would be a horrible one to think about where I was facing tough times from all sides..Love,job,happiness,smiles etc ..The only ONLY moments that brought smile on my face was the few hours I spent everyday with my best friend Mr.R.He too was in a similar kind of horrible situation but not on the love affair side,he is still an elegant Bachelor !! LOL .. but some other things.. We both had pain in our hearts while roaming outside,but once we both meet each other,then it would be all smiles and fun.Me and Mr.R holds a typical bond in which our eyes can talk to each other.. When we roam outside,there would be some 3rd person joining to take us to a long drive of boredom.When someone else joins us..then everything will happen this way...
Me and R along with a boring fellow ...
Mr.R would get a phone call from his home to get back as they have to go to church or relatives home or guest have arrived etc ..
The boring fellow wouldn't mind if one person goes because he has got me left to cut my throat by telling all his so called funny things...Ufffff it bores to death ..
Suddenly my phone too will ring and the reason would be that there is a function at my home or any crap .. hehehee .So me too will immediately flee from the spot .. 
After 10 minutes..
Me and Mr.R would be together roaming & laughing ... (So what happened before ??)
Me and Mr.R puts on a small play in front of the boring fellow and split saying bye..Me and Mr.R will have a preset place to meet on.In this fashion we have lost many boring monkeys.. LOL
These were the only fun I had during the first 2 quarters of 2012 and Me with Mr.R were together only for 2 months ..As I had to leave to India after my visit to Dubai ..
But everything changed from my Birthday.. that's 16th July !! On 16th July there is another place where another birthday is celebrated.. as I said before a place from where the cold breeze evolves.. Just after my birthday I had my Break Up ..O..ooo .. Yup,definitely it's painful but God's script on the second half was very tightly packed and it was very fast paced ! On the very second day after the breakup,I woke up by getting a phone call..At the start it sounded like an interview call..I answered it with my mind saying "Oh ! As usual,Interview "..It said Mr.MY Name,you are appointed..I was like ---------------------------------------------- BLANK !.. they asked me to come there to the head office and sign the offer letter.I jumped up the bed and pinched on my hand to make sure that it's not a dream.Rest everything was .......wowwwww...
I didn't know what my post was..But got some job and I was in a situation where I even went for an interview for the post of pest control.So any job,would definitely bring happiness and a great relief for my family.. Must appreciate God's script.When I went to the head office I was like a chicken walking under moonlight !! LOL ..
The HR took me to her office and made me sit there for a few minutes.I was a little scared,but didn't know why i was scared or may be it was some kind of "first time" feeling ..heheeh
I sat on that chair idle,only my eyes moved all around.Soon she came with a paper,that was my offer letter,She was a sweet lady,she asked about me and later explained my offer letter..the position,they offered me was Assistant Engineer !!! I was like ...............................BLANK again.
And they offered me a salary,which made me say in my mind Oh God ! Why this much for me ?? For what are they paying me this much ..LOL .. I guess that figure was a gift from God,as my ex demanded that amount as my salary ,if she had to live with me in Dubai...hehehe..Girl's think very practically ..hehehe..It wasn't a huge amount,but a pretty decent one.I remember another theme too.."Can love feed me and fill my stomach" A sensitive person like me can never take these huge words into my mind !! I don't remember how I walked out of the head office.First smile and the first gift from God..The first thing I learned was To thank God .. Every Time,not only me,but everyone calls God and beg him when we are in pain ..But never even remember God when Happy.. And also many of them try to bribe God by telling that I would give this and that,if my desires come true !! Does God need things which he created !! Are we trying to bribe him giving his things to him ?? Ohh..Typical humans !! From that day onwards I have been happy and everyday I thank God for gifting me this wonderful life.Very soon Mr.R too was gifted with a job and we both started to smile together..Soon a breeze from the west ,flowed to me one late night..
And that breeze is the one that keeps me flowing on happiness and smiles..Again another gift from God! Then the happiest day was when I got my first salary...I had a lot of dream about spending my first salary..But all those dreams were with my ex,I would had bought her all she wanted..but when I got money in hand,I had no one to spend for..I took my brother and his family to a restaurant and gave them a whopping treat,in fact the biggest treat of my life !! My family started to smile and came out of tensions..2006 was the last phase where I went through a happy life and it's after a long 6 years,now I'm on a happy phase of life..Thank God ! Many Dreams more to follow..Me and Mr.R have been awarded with a very surprising gift,in fact we are still surprised !! (it's secret) LOL ... and another gift I got is something which I consider as "ETERNAL"...
I'm never alone.. When this eternal life is enriched with my cool breeze... my life becomes Lindo !
One theme for this new year is "Smile always" There is no better sight that seeing a smile..
I like to smile always..and love seeing and making others smile..

Eternal + Anjo(breeze) + Mr.R = Lindo !!
Thanks to 2012 that ended remarkably well !! 

A warm welcome to 2013 !!

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  1. "Remember that God is always with you, no matter how distressing that is the situation they are going through. Feel his presence is the first step to be able to overcome any obstacle." "Then delete, everything that is not earned off. Who lied, who cheated his heart, who envied, who tried to destroy you, who wore masks, those who hurt you, who used you and never really got to know who you are. "Surrender, as I surrendered. Immerse yourself in what you do not know how I dove. Do not bother to understand, live passes all understanding.