Friday, 14 December 2012

If not Plan 'A',then Plan 'B" !!

Yes,as you thought it's a small plan suggested by BoBo and it sounded BEAUTIFUL !! Immediately we started building on our plans and it started growing better and better.We made Plan 'A' (May God help us in achieving it) and made Plan 'B' as a standby.The dream is pretty small but beautiful to us,others may find it as silly.. hehee
There has been a wind blowing from the west on me for the past some months.Since BoBo too loves that breeze from the west,we both have decided to settle down to the place from where the breeze is coming from and we believe it is going to be the hub of Love,Happiness and Smiles......... wow !!

Me and BoBo had a lot of set backs this year from the people we loved and we went through this emotional trauma all alone.Only one friend stood all the way along with me,and it's my best friend Mr.R.Hey 'R',a huge hi5 to you.We still discuss about those days and thank God for placing us on a much better side now.There were many days where I locked myself in my room and cried without knowing the day and night.You guys won't believe if I say that I tried to suicide twice in my life.Just take these comments as a joke or else I wouldn't be able to type those moments in life I went through.As we all know there "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" and I believed in it.If I had to suffer,I believed then I must had done something big enough for me to suffer that big.I was mad on myself and cried a lot regretting it,still I got no relief.Frustration was the only result,due to frustration of not getting a second chance.I was angry on myself .. I hit my self all over my body,banged my head on the wall..the result was ... swellings all over my face,head,hand etc.I still remember my stomach's pain that remained for many days.I got a result for my self punishment,a name called 'Psycho'.Then it became like a topping on the cake..LOL..
Now,let's leave all those and come back to our topic..
BoBo is pulling my shirt to write his name everywhere..BoBo recently announced that his birthday was on 12-12-12.. he celebrated his 2 months on that days..Yes,he is 2 months old .. hehehe
But he heard that there is a celebration on 25th Christmas Day,BoBo said he is going to complete his 2 months on 25th..Now I'm sure he would say the same thing for the New Year day too.. LOL
BoBo suggested as follows:

1)First settle down to the land of breeze ( others please do not misunderstand about the place because only me and BoBo feel the breeze)
2)A trip to a different country every year.
3)Sky diving,to be performed within 2 years.I gave myself a time period since I cannot afford it's price that easy and moreover I don't have enough guts to perform this adventurous thing right now..hehehee.But definitely I will go for it,that's 100% sure.That would be my first and last sky diving..hehehe
When I leave this place I would bury all the sorrows deep somewhere at the corner of my heart,but would never forget it because that's the one reason that is guiding me as a better person,so I do not want to forget it completely.
Now plan 'B':This too made by BoBo.
If the plan 'A' don't work out as expected then we would postpone it by one or 2 days as go as scheduled in Plan'A'.   :P     LOL
BoBo said we will not bury our future.He asked me to bury everything and wake up as "Lindo".
Now too I feel the breeze while writing this..I believe BoBo is not anywhere near me now.. Because when BoBo is there near me,I feel some kinda different breeze,because he always raises his one side and FART !! heheheheheehheheheheheheheeee
Hence Proved !! LOL


  1. Hope now you are away from your sorrows. And belated and advanced Happy Birthday to BOBO.And somewere i did not get your this post as it had lot of things hidden. Hoping to find soon.Take care .

    1. Yea,i'm hoping to get away from my sorrows and thanks for the wish.
      I got a lot of comments telling that things are hidden in it..I'm sorry for such an article..I couldn't even type this article well as my eyes were filled and my fingers were shivering..So the hidden things,I could never type it.Sorry all.

  2. There are many moments in our life that we possess the strength and already we are sure of the choice of path. It may seem in the eyes of many who are wanting a lot more than we are able to achieve.

    But an inner voice says: - Go ahead! His believe in dreams

    1. Wonderful !! Dreams are ON,the path is set,now I have to just pack my backpack ..Geared ! Life is taught well,now I have to play it on my own legs.