Thursday, 25 October 2012

An Amazing U-Turn in my Life

Hi Folks,

              Beginning by apologizing to all of you as I was lost from my blog for more than a month.During these days I received a lot of messages asking ..What Happened ??...Are you dead ?? Thank God none of them send me "Condolences" :P ..LOL !! I wonder how did you all miss that kind of messages..Nasty fellows !! LOL ..
I will describe the past one month in as possible short words because most of the idiots do not tend to read after seeing the length of the post :P ..After my last article "Glimpse of Love" I got my Visa and tickets ready for a job based out of Dubai. BINGO !! Rest everything happened in a flash..Rest everything were job Job JOB JOBBBB !! All my schedules got a toll with the new work.My old schedule were as follows:-
Get's up from the sleep at 1:00pm..
Open and sit in front of my mom would come and call me from downstairs for having my lunch..I would go downstairs,straight to the kitchen and look for some breakfast residues.Then I would go straight to my room and check my blog and messages.
Spend the whole night online..go to sleep at morning 6-8am :P

Now my current schedule is :-Get's up at 4 am ..I mean four '0' clock.Before the hen howls..Kokoko koooooo
After getting up,I open my wardrobe pick my shirt and pants for the day..iron it,followed by hair oil massage,brushing teeth & (hello why are you guys laughing when I said Brushing my teeth ?? I do not eat biscuits dipping in tea these Then I get under the shower singing my top 2 songs of the week..I wrap myself with the foam of my favourite soap Dove and my face with Mr.Clean & Clear..Later I would come out of the bathroom on a towel ,straight heading towards the prayer area set up at the corner of the hall and soon I would handover a vivid description about my requests,nothing much but to just make me a better person and thanking them for giving me such wonderful days.My days have been a rollicking one,but in between a wound is left without medication,except that everything is going WOW !! I know you stupids would be yawning when I say something sentimental !! Useless guys !! 
After prayer I run to my room and get dressed as soon as possible.Then I switch on my laptop and get on to facebook at 5:15 am to spend some time with a special person.I'm not saying much about this special person because this person will feature in my future articles and also it's not possible for me to write about this person in a few words.It's a real blessing to start and end my days daily with this special person.After the chat session,I run to the near by metro station..After getting into the train,I will start sleeping..My destination would take 25-30 min to reach.Actually sleeping isn't allowed inside the metro and if caught sleeping ,they would wake you up with a coupon or a gift's called FINE !! LOL ..I'm a regular sleeper,many times I have tried to hold my eyes open but no chance.I will sleep very well ..zzzzzzzZZZZZZ... :) By God's grace they haven't caught me yet...Hahahaaa..I'm still a wanted offender !! LOL ..A small scale in fact..The problem is that I go to the bed daily at 12:30 - 1:00 am and it's really sad to see "3 hours and 17 minutes left for alarm" when I set the alarm time in my mobile.
Now I'm sitting at my office writing all these useless routines of mine in a diary for you stupids to read and make fun of me..Let me ask you..Don't you guys have any job? LOL...Ohh ! Now you guys call me a jobless guy sitting at office and writing shits ?? You know I have 15 minutes left for my work to resume.I reach my office 30 minutes early and cook all these foolish articles for you guys to eat without brushing your teeth..Ahh !! wait ,Wait !! My manager bought me a falafel sandwich ..Now you guys Getlost..let me go and eat that hot..Pls don't look at my sandwich and spoil my tummy !! LOL ..Have a great day my friends !!


  1. hmmm.. good to know life is goood and you have a spl person.. happy for yoou

  2. y are you not writing in your blog???

    1. Dear Anonymous friend,there are tons of articles to be shared with you but the lack of time is playing a vital role as villain ..hehehe
      Will definitely come up with a new one very soon..

      Thanks a lot for your concern,
      Keep smiling :)

      BoBo Ero

  3. thats good. waiting for your article. post them soon.