Friday, 25 January 2013



Bhagya Gita is a tale of Bhagya and a friend whom she has never met in her life.Bhagya Gita is not being written but it's being whispered in her ears .This tale isn't the reminiscence of her inept past but to retell the same tale with the actual concept and provide an eternal cocoon for her future.I have similarly transformed the concept of life ,of my friend,Arjuna centuries ago.

She hasn't seen me,but she knows me.
Whom Am I ? 
I'm the best friend of Bhagya. My Name is Krishna.
"Bhagya,once I conclude your tale,I will witness your beautiful smile before I go.."

From yours ..
Son of God.
Friend of a Devil.
And Lover of an Angel.


  1. really good to know that you have achieved all the small and important basics, and your over with your ex.

    1. Achieveness, according to me is considered not as success but a path to a better human being. And definitely the past has to be over when no strings are attached.