Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Glimpse of Love..

It was my elder bro's marriage reception eve that night..My home was filled with many relatives,family friends etc..I was busy accommodating rooms for each families and my relatives.My friends decided to stay in a near by hotel.I kept a small room at home reserved for myself as I didn't want to get disturbed during my make-up next morning for the big marriage day.I accommodated almost everyone at my home and the rest were shifted to the nearby relatives home.Unfortunately the electricity went off and the generator too got messed up due to some unknown reasons.

Somehow I managed to get into my room and just fell on my bean bag.Suddenly I heard a girl's voice..

Girl         :-Who's that ?? WHO's THAT ?

Me         :-Ah,it's me ...mmm the groom's bro Calvin.

Girl        :-Oh ! I'm sorry I haven't seen you.Why there are no lights here ??

Me        :-Yea,the electricity and the generator got messed up and it would take a few hours to return back .Ahh,How did you reach this room ?

Girl        :-It's your cousin Julie who took me to this room,as I wasn't feeling well,having a very bad headache.Sorry I guess it must be your room.

Me        :-It's ok,no problem be comfortable..Did you have any medicines ?

Girl       :- No.

As soon as I heard that No,I went and got some tablets from the shelf at kitchen.That was the place where my mom kept medicines.I never know how did I reach the kitchen was full dark.Somehow I brought her the medicines and water.

Me      :-Here it is !! Now you are going to be fine soon...Oops..Ah,where are you sitting..Be careful I'm stretching my hands to your reach..I misplaced my mobile somewhere or else I could have got some light from it.

Suddenly she touched my hand and I handed over the medicines and water to her..

Girl    :-Thanks a lot Calvin for your care..

Me     :- It's ok,I'm happy that I could help you..So,take rest..I would be outside on the couch.You be comfortable here..

Girl     :-Oh please here itself if you don't mind as I'm a little scared too because of this darkness.

Me     :-Yea sure,no problem..By the way..What's your name ?

Girl     :-I'm Hanna ..

Me and Hanna got our self introductions done..She was of my age and a close friend of my cousin sister.Her voice was sweet and the main thing is that she never blabbers,talked with respect..What more do I need to have a crush on her ?? It was really sweet talking with her and I wished that electricity never come back any soon.A complete dark room with voices exchanging and that too me and Hanna alone ...Sighhhh.. 

Me          :-Hanna,you sound a little sad..What happened ? This night is long ,my ears are free and would like to know more about you.

Hanna     :-Thanks a lot Calvin,I was missing my parents so much..especially my dad.He was like a best friend to me.

Me          :- Oh,is he abroad ?? Ah,I will try finding my cell phone,so that you could make a call to him and you would feel better..

Hanna    :-No,Whenever I talk he can hear me,both my dad and mom have subscribed a special connection from the heaven..Both passed away 6 months ago.

I was damn shocked to hear that..Thank God,it was dark..or else I couldn't have faced her..Her words touched me so hard and my heart was beating so hard telling me that I was falling for her.
I would never get a night like this again ..may be I would never see her again after tomorrow..So I never wanted to miss her,Yes as my heart said..I was falling for her.I might just have a few hours with her,I never wanted her to sit desperate..If atleast I could make her smile for some hours,their parents would feel happy..Then I never wasted anytime..just wanted to hear her smiling and laughing..

Me        :-Oh,your mom is there with him.She would take care of him very well.There is nothing to worry..He would be happy with your mom there..

Hanna remained silent..

Have you ever thought of them Hanna ?? They too would be missing you so much ,but they never expect you to join them soon.Definitely,they would want you to live the rest of your life happily.Imagine how bad they would feel when they see you crying here..Obviously they too will feel sad when you are sad here..Be happy Hanna !! They are fine there..Mom will take good care of Dad..When you smile,they would have even bigger smile on their face..So be happy !! 

Hanna       :-Calvin,no one have ever consoled me in this manner.You really made a different world for me consoled me just like my dad does..Are you real or it's my dad ?

Me            :-hahahaaa..even I have that doubt because I never speak this way.May be it's your dad who's making me say all these...Smile well Hanna,your smile can bring happiness to many hearts and moreover you would look like an angel when you smile..not when crying.

Hanna      :-But you have never seen me right ?? Then how would you say that I would look like an angel when I smile ??

Me           :-Ahh..mmmm...I haven't seen you but,I feel that I have seen some part of your heart and I know calling it an angel would be a smaller word to express my feeling,but I have no other word in my vocabulary.

Hanna     :-You are so sweet Calvin,you are so caring..It's me who goes out of words to explain how much you are healing my pain right now.

Me          :-I'm sweet just because I'm sitting next to's your sweetness that is showering upon me. 

Hanna     :- I'm beaten by your words,Calvin..You made me smile so much ..

Me          :-I'm trying to break your smiles into laughter..because when you smiled,this darkness became more beautiful..

Hanna     :-Wow ! So,am I a rainbow ?

Me          :- Never Hanna,I don't want to see you so acrobatic to bend like a rainbow here..

Hanna laughed hearing it..I was successful in bringing smiles on her face..We talked a lot,laughed even more.. That room was filled with the beauty of her smiles..

Hanna    :-I have never laughed this much since my parents passed away..You are special,Calvin..
You lighted me up..and as you said my parents too would be happy seeing this..

I remained silent ..I was so happy she she said that I was special..We both remained silent for a while.

Hanna     :-Calvin,I feel even our silence is communicating each other..

Me          :-Yes,Hanna..Can I keep the lights switches pressed off ?

Hanna     :-Why ? There is no current right..??

Me         :- Incase if the current comes,I wish to continue this darkness..

Hanna    :-Is there any way to continue this darkness life long ?

Those words ,that feeling ..was what I had for her and I was so happy hearing that from her..I just felt to hug her and say that " I love you"..

Hanna    :- I guess I'm flowing in a river with you..

Me        :- Yes ,I would call it as the River of Love !!

Hanna   :-Calvin,I really fear that this is a dream..

Me        :-Hanna,you are born to dream and I'm born to make your dreams come true..

Destiny is what brought Hanna to my life...Just an accidental touch on her hand and  we resulted in kissing each other..We spoke,we loved ,we kissed..all these happened in that darkness..What only left was to see each other..

I'm realizing that I'm smiling and my eyes are closed...Smile was slowly diminishing..
Now I don't want to open my eyes...No NO NOOOOOOO..I don't want to open my eyes to realize that it was a dream..Ohhhh !!! F**** F**** F**** F**** SHIT !!!! F****ing DREAAAAAMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
My bro's marriage was over 2 years back and he is having a kid too !!!! Oh !!! NoOOOOOO

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