Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hence I'm a Mirror.

Humbleness is an important ingredient in possessing a good personality as it transforms the negative energy to positive energy. Having positive energy around us makes our day or life blissful. They acts as the different colors of a rainbow; each color spreads it's own beauty to many souls thus they form the rainbow around us and vice versa. 

These are definitely a dream that everyone would love to live but our world is too advanced that people try to buy the rainbow each for themselves. Everyone knows that this world right now is filled with souls of negative energy of which an important category is jealousy. We have witnesses good, bad and even worst people. So is it possible to live in this world peacefully just by being a good person ?? According to me ,it's unfortunately No.

What I like to be is a Mirror and act according to the people I deal with. Some may like and some may not, never mind because I just reflect what they are and in turn it helps me to screen off the negative souls.What they feel about me is the true reflection of themselves because my character is a mirror that reflects their image. I feel no disappointment when such people go away blaming me but in fact happy to be around with the people who loves me. Be polite to a smiling face, be tough to a rough person and be a lover to the loving ones. A person who is worst or was a worst can live a better life in this world if he chooses to stay good just like an ex-criminal being a police who can easily travel through the mindset or strategies of a criminal ... There is a phrase saying              " It's always good to have a half criminal with a police to crackdown a superior criminal."

Whenever I deal with a bad person, this is the strategy I follow, I think everything worst that I could do if I was in his boots and that provides me the perfect precautions to follow. Never matter whatever situations you are into, always Prepare for the Worst and this would make you very tough to beat.

Unfortunately to live peacefully in this world you need to be a decent bad person. You don't have to make a criminal out of you but can home the skills of a criminal.

Hence I'm a Mirror.

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